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Fostex T50rp pad size?

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I need replacement earpads for a pair of old headphones I have. They're not T50RPs, they're an old vintage set for which pads no longer exist. If at all possible I want to have to avoid having to make my own earpads for them, and the T50RP's pads seem like they would fit.


Someone who has a T50rp, I need them to measure the diameter of their earpads, so I can see if they'll fit my headphones. I haven't been able to find measurements for replacement earpads because they're all designed to fit a specific headphone and don't have any measurements. This was all I could think of doing >___>

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Jeez this forum moves fast. 


Bump for measurement.

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GAH its only been one night and this is already back three pages =___=

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Ugh how has no one with a T50RP read this thread yet =_= 

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Here ya go. The pic ain't pretty, but the measurements are good.






Of course, these dimensions could vary depending on the age and usage of the pad, manufacturing tolerances, acuity of the measuring eye, etc.  

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I shouldn't post first thing in the morning. The annotations are wrong in two ways. The dimensions should say mm, not cm. And the exterior width should be 100mm. 

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lol I know the feeling XD


Thanks a lot!


I actually thought the T50RP had total circles for pads, if they were circular they'd fit perfectly >__< but sadly my search continues...

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why not tell the exact model of the headphone? or even a pic of it :P

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Well I will now that you ask, but they're <stupidly> obscure and unknown.


They're the Audatron SH-608R.








They're quite beautiful in my opinion and their sound is lots of fun. However their current earpads are uncomfortable as sin. 

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wow, theyre beautiful... how to those pads fit in there? do they need to be sticked or something? also, how big is the cups?

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The cups are ~100mm in diameter. there is a slight lip around the pads (and by slight I mean 1mm) and they sit right in it. As the photo shows the pads are extremely thin and since this headphone has a lot of clamping force it gets quite painful after about 2 hours of listening. They are on-ear despite the large earcup size; I'd like to turn them into over-ear headphones. 

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how about hifiman pads?

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Don't really know how large they are as I don't own any HiFiMAN headphones. 

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I think I told you this before but the Shure SRH-750 pads may work.  And as you know, the pads must be lofted for my mod, so Audez'e pads are another consideration, but most likely, a set of custom velour pads would sound the best and be the most comfortable.  I'm also wondering about Grado bowls and whatever the RS2i has is being called nowadays.  I'll have to temporarily affix my RS2i pads to them when I get it back.

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