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Originally Posted by Jason Stoddard View Post

Hey all,


Just to clear things up:


1. Yes, our warranties are nontransferrable. Why? The main reason is that our amps and DACs are popular platforms for modders to start with--and some of them take the mods a bit too far. And then they get sold. Which means we have *no idea* what the next owner is getting. We can't service a modded amp crammed full of nonstandard parts, so we can't warrantee an amp we didn't sell directly, or through an authorized dealer.


2. Our warranty terms are clearly stated, so if a seller is saying a warranty is transferrable, they're deceiving you. 


3. That said, we always offer to take a look at an amp and fix it at low cost when we are asked about amps that are not covered under warranty. If it's not modded, it's usually fixed for free, or for under $50. We've even gone above and beyond to fix things like Asgards that have gotten orange juice dumped in them and cat throw-up in them (don't ask)--for free. If it's modded, that's a different story. It may be very costly to return it to stock.


And, with vampire5003, the offer we originally made in email (before the tech was involved) still stands--send it in, we'll have a look, and we'll fix it at lowest possible cost. We've already sent you an Alps volume pot for free. We'll do what it takes to make it right. Worst case is that the amp comes full of Black Gate caps and hoodoo resistors, and it has to be returned to stock. At that point, we might as well change it up to a Valhalla rollable for $100 or so. 


Bottom line: if you have an out of warranty Schiit amp or DAC, don't be terrified to send it back to us. We'll take care of you--usually as if you had a warranty. But we have to cover ourselves for the inevitable mod-fests out there. You'd be amazed what we've seen come back.


All the best,


Jason, you told me it would be very expensive which I took as being at least over $100. I can't believe your telling me it would be free or under $50 dollars. Are you serious! I really can't afford to spend more money, and the tech did replace some resistors and re-solder the board. But if your telling me it would be free, I would by all means send this sucker back. I did make a deal with one of these head-fiers to give him these broken Valhalla for $100, but I can talk to him about this situation. 


Thank you Jason,



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This is what we said on August 13, in response to your email saying it was purchased secondhand:


Ah, then we'll have to give you a quote to fix it once we have it. If it hasn't been modified, it'll be free or very inexpensive. If it has been modified from stock, it can get very costly to figure out what the former owner did. 

Please send it back to:

Schiit Audio
22508 Market Street
Newhall, CA 91321

Write "RA 12-095" on the box or shipper.

Jason Stoddard 

(323) 230-0079


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Good luck with whatever happens.  The community here are usually wonderful - and the bad eggs are usually few and far between.  Just a little request - can you try glowfire again - and then if you don't get satisfactory reply within a couple of days - please go back and change your feedback for him.  Better to leave fair warning for any other potential buyers.  I always read all the feedback before I buy anything - and even a single negative is enough to turn most buyers away.  By the looks of things - if this guy decided to shaft you - it's better that no-one else gets suckered.






Nice follow up.  I'm really going to have to get to a meet one of these days so that I can hear a Bifrost and Valhalla combo.  Anyway - kudos on the explanation and reservice offer.

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Alright first and foremost:


Thank you Mr.Tom, he sent me a PM wanting to buy the broken Valhalla for $100. He was doing that just to try to help me out, which was very polite of him. Mr.Tom actually persuaded me to take Jason's offer. So I'm pretty sure I'll be taking Jason's deal, and if the worst happens then he'll ship it back to me unfixed, and then I'll take Mr.Tom's deal. The situation has improved a lot for me, and I've contacted a few forum administrators to let me refract my feedback for Gloomfire (which was positive) and change it to what is accurate. 


Thanks again to Jason!


@Brooko Thank you, and your right Jason is really helping me out. I appreciate what he wants to do, and like I said earlier the situation has really improved 10 fold for me. I am so happy to have Mr.Tom, Jason, Hodjy, Brooko etc all polite and helpful. It really is nice. Thank you all! I will keep this thread updated as soon as I send in the Valhalla to Jason!


@JasonStoddard I can't thank you enough! You really didn't need to provide me a RA number, or go all out and offer to fix this Valhalla. I really appreciate this. 





Thank you all,





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And The Three Little Pigs lived happily ever after.regular_smile%20.gif

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I'm very glad to see this worked out for you. Jason's statements are much more in line with what I thought Schiit's position would be. Unfortunately, even if the warranty was transferable, it seems like the person you purchased from would have voided it. Hope you enjoy this amp once it's fixed up. It will definitely be a treat for you. 

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Originally Posted by elwappo99 View Post

I'm very glad to see this worked out for you. Jason's statements are much more in line with what I thought Schiit's position would be. Unfortunately, even if the warranty was transferable, it seems like the person you purchased from would have voided it. Hope you enjoy this amp once it's fixed up. It will definitely be a treat for you. 

Yeah, I shipped the Valhalla out to Schiit yesterday, so once they receive it on Thursday, I'll probably hear from Jason on Friday about the situation. I can't wait to hear a nice good working Valhalla.

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That Schiit Service...


Great customer support!


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So this thread has been long overdue for a good update! gs1000.gif


Well I shipped the Valhalla out on August 20, 2012 and Jason received and signed for it on August 23, 2012. Jason even went out of his way to PM me, letting me confirm that he did in fact receive the Valhalla that day. He then replied to me on August 29, 2012 asking for an address and letting me know this Valhalla is fixed! Now it's September 8, 2012 and what I found on the front porch? I want to punch the post office carrier, they never ring the doorbell. Anyways (I need to stay on topic) the Valhalla was in a Schiit box, instead of the ghetto box I used (lol I didn't have too many boxes on hand) but not only was I greeted with a 100% working Valhalla, I received new tubes complimentary of Schiit, and I did NOT have to pay for shipping or warranty support or technical support. Everything was free! Now if that's not the best customer support you've ever heard of, then I don't what is. Jason Stoddard completely went out of his way and helped me out. This Schiit will be stacked with more Schiit in Christmas, when I order the Bifrost from them and continue to recommend them to friends and family. I cannot tell anybody on this forum how grateful I am to Schiit Audio. 


All I can say is Schiit will be getting more business from me, and I hope some of you consider them for your audio needs. 





Thanks to everyone,





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The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

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And that right there is customer service. Wonderful company IMO. Even the bigger manufacturers could learn something from them.
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Personal service and speedy response times has been my experience.  Kudos, Schiit. 

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I just finished reading this entire thread. What a great ending to a troublesome and upsetting story. I'm happy this worked out for you Vampire.

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Jason seems to always go that extra mile for customers. 

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