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IC: SF bay Area mini-Meet

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I never see anyone from the SF bay area getting together and holding a mini meet. So I'd like to see who's alive in these parts.


Any takers?

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I may be interested if it's after September. I won't have any weekends free until October. 

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I am game for a mini meet depending on where in Bay Area it is.


I recently got my HD-800 and Lehmann BCL so I can get them along with my Denon AH-D7000 with the HeadRoom Ultra Micro stack and Just Audio AHA 120.

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Sounds good. I'm in Daly City, but not adverse to traveling a bit. 


By the time this meet happens, my setup should be Schiit Gungnir -- > Eddie Current S7 --> HD800/LCD2/V4 Magnum.


I would love to give that BCL a listen. 


We can figure out a location once we see how much interest there is? 


Just noticed that the OP is banned. 

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Originally Posted by Questhate View Post


Just noticed that the OP is banned. 


Not anymore. I'm about 45 to 1hr east of SF. If it's a tiny meet, if someone has a house they are willing to let people into. (I have 15 cats. not sure that's kosher with you guys).


I've got:


cMoy BB


Some cables....


Yeah, don't got much hence why I want to go to a meet and see whats up.

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Damn..... No wonder there are never meets in the SF bay area.......

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I was in SF not long ago. It would've been nice to have met other head-fiers during my visit. 

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Interested, I am in Hayward.

I have: DT770 Pro 250 ohms, ETY MC5, UE600, Hifiman 601 Slim and UHA-120

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Yeah I'd be down to do one.  The last big meet was nearly a year ago right?  I feel like there should be one soon.


Anyway I have MHDT Labs Havana, Decware Taboo, Little Dot MKII, HE-500, Grado SR80i, T50RP Paradox Mod

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I would like to try your TR50P mod:)
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It's quite nice!  I hope a meet can happen soon.

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Anyone have a house they would like to offer up? Maybe an office space?

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I'd like to recommend to you that if you want the meet to remain mini, maybe you could take the people who have expressed interest so far and PM or email them as a group.  Right now we can all see what you're planning and we can all show up, which you may be fine with, though I can see that becoming complicated.


The fact is that mini-meets happen often.  I was always told that those are not advertised in this thread, and I suppose that one of the reasons is the size of our local community.  People just get to know each other, call each other, you know, like real life.  There are probably also people you shouldn't trust near your stuff.  Statistically speaking.


Also, if you're gonna do something small, I'd like you to invite IcedTea.  Not that you owe me any favors... he was asking me about local mini meets and I told him I'd let him know when I hear of one.  Plus he's got a nice rig.

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Anyone still interested in holding a mini-meet?
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I am, but we have no location.

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