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Dubstep IEM's

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So I've been reading through reviews but still don't know what to go for. Price isn't a factor just looking for good IEM's for portable use. I listen mainly to dubstep (Zomboy, Eptic, datsik, excission, killabits etc) mostly american style UKF sometimes. I like electro as well. I'm looking for something that can really make your teeth vibrate when the sub bass kicks and hard kicks. I will be using my iPhone 4. I am also open to portable amp suggestions.

Thanks in advance
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The Atrio MG7 has sub-bass for days and I love to listen to dubstep and d&b with them.  If price isn't a factor look at the Future Sonics MG6 Pro or the UM Merlin customs, both are some of the best you can get for clarity and amazing bass.

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Sennheiser ie8 or coppers?
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I;d recommend the Westone 3. They have the speed you are looking for and the bass is good too. And with these you get the thing westone does the best: comfort and fit.

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ue triple fi 10 is pretty good too. i have it, the bass is strong and punchy, although i don't listen to that much dubstep...

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JVC's FXHF101 bass does really goes deep for the genre but doubtful about the speed.
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JVC FX700 or 1964Ears Quad.

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For dubstep I find that most BA earphones have punchy bass but lack enough sub-bass and mid-bass to give OP the rumbling that he wants from his music. +1 on the IE8 (with a good seal), the JVC FX700 if you can get them out of Japan, and the MG7. Though the TF10 may suit him as well since he needs sparkly highs as well, but I'm not sure if the TF10 has enough bass, since it didn't for me when I listened to dubstep through them.

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The JVC FX700, Sennheiser IE80, Westone 3, Sony XBA4 and MTP Gold are pretty good to produce deep punchy bass.

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My monster turbine pro coppers are GREAT with dubstep and hip hop. I find mine have a deep full and rich bass, but when the highs come in, the clarity and crisp response is great. The MTPCs are a really nice IEM. But, your mileage may vary. 


I should also mention the Munition Nines too...they pack a ton of bass without sacrificing any clarity on the high end...all into their small 9mm shell sized IEM. They have a unique but strong sound signature, and a reasonable price...They look super cool too. I haven't tried carrying them onto an airplane though. They are shaped like a 9mm shell :)


Someone mentioned the Westone 3s. I have those as well and they are strong bass, but aren't quite as strong of a bass signature as the Coppers. 


Those are the three I own, and I've been really pleased. I also own the Bose IE2 and they don't really have a dog in the fight. It's like sending someone to a gun fight with a butter knife. It's not fair :) 

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JVC FXT90's?

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Of the IEMs I own, the Senn IE80 will knock your socks off for bass quantity (I am also partial to the quality and extension of bass on them too) if you like dubstep. I'd probably go to Razordog Deals and say you're from head-fi to buy a pair (about $300? Not sure)... has gone up a little from $270 to over $300 now :(


The MTPC is also a great choice, it has less bass on the whole but it can definitely satisfy a basshead with sub-bass rumble.

I find both IEMs fast enough for DnB as well as Dubstep. Good luck!

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