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[The Not So] Upcoming Sennheiser Stat & Amp

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Sennheiser is said to unveil a new electrostatic headphone and amplifier combination at the '12 RMAF, according to KG/spritzer. We're here for the sake of keeping all the anticipation and unverified rumor from encroaching other threads. That said, let the speculation commence...

1. A new Sennheiser stat in the legacy of the HE60 & HE90 has been a perennial rumor, however as late as several years back the rumors intensified, with a few people hinting at inside knowledge of continued stat development.
2. RMAF is an odd place to debut such a product. Sennheiser unveils at CES.
3. RMAF means that Sennheiser is very interested in courting headphone enthusiasts directly instead of the press at large.
4. I doubt there will be an essay contest to see which influential head-fiers will get a preview. It blew up in their faces with the HD700.
5. At least some influential head-fiers who already had trusted contacts at Senn were given permission to rev up the rumor mill.
6. Let's see how airtight those NDAs are.
7. Construction-wise it is less likely for them to go directly after the likes of the HE90. This is a huge risk and they are testing the waters.
8. Unlike the HD800 they are not going for a next-gen dynamic look, I assume they know their market enough to go for a subdued audiophile design.
9. How much would a head-fier pay for a new Senn stat, maybe 2000$? And the amp, another 2k? Assuming that they are not going for the 7k price territory of the HE90 they are going to have to have a pricing competitive to the Stax 007/009. (not sure if we're lucky enough for a Lambda-priced senn stat)
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im skeptic about the amp. its a marketing suicide to offer headphone and the amp as a package like what it used to be. nowadays consumer of this level are much more educated. they will start pairing the headphone with every 3rd party amp under the sun and reach consensus which is the best. If the consensus said that the 3rd party amp is better then its supposedly paired amp, then its doomed.


i might be wrong though

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I'm absolutely expecting it to be at winter CES.  But hopefully it will be shown earlier.

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$2k? I'm betting the $4k-5k territory.
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Exciting news smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post

Exciting news smily_headphones1.gif

Very. I'm just praying for an actual flat FR, not the current exaggerated V garbage.
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But a roller coaster FR is what all the kool kids like these days. Everyone loves that treble peak right?

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Originally Posted by Magick Man View Post

$2k? I'm betting the $4k-5k territory.

Someone from Senn must be reading the myriad posts about all the people recently buying 009's and thinking they need to get back into the high-end electrostat market.

So yes, I agree, these will probably be 4-6k phones, hopefully they can be run off Stax compatible amps.

What heady times these are for stat lovers!
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Really looking forward to this and hoping it will cost much less than the 009s.

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Originally Posted by DarknightDK View Post

Really looking forward to this and hoping it will cost much less than the 009s.

Given Sennheiser's track record in pricing, I think there will be some disappointment on that front. The more I find out, the more I believe we're looking at a product that's sitting squarely between the HE60 and 90.
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msrp between 5-7k. lets bet over a beer. if i got chance seeing you guys tongue_smile.gif

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Please ! Please ! Please ! Sennheiser, make this new electrostatic headphone with similar looks to the HE-90. NOT, I repeat NOT the HD800. 

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^^goes without saying.......dont mind for another glass of beer or whisky this time around

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Since the new Sennheiser team are worse than the old team. (Get a hd540gold,hd560,1993 hd580, you'll know what I mean)

I have no hope on it, & those new sennheiser stuffs,hd700,800etc are pricey, not worth the money

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This is getting interesting, I think its about time I find something (not my speakers) to replace my LCD2 and HD800 crap.rolleyes.gif

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