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For Sale: Silvaweld SWC-550 tube preamp

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For Sale:
Silvaweld SWC-550 tube preamp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is the little sibling to what's tooted as one of the best preamplifier in the world, SWC1000.


The SWC550 was Silvaweld's best sold products, and for a reason- the sound reaches close to the level of swc1000 for the fraction of the cost.


It has a separate chassis for psu with oversized components that weight over 10lb. and then a fully tube regulated ps which in turn feeds a signal section full of boutique caps, pio bypasses, carbon film resistors and a true stepped attenuator which are all, btw, laid out with silver wires and silver solder.

the tubes in the ps section are nos GE and USSR national tubes. nos amperex and GE 5 star tubes are in the signal section.


The resulting sound is that one of notable transparency and detail. putting it in front of my gainclone in place of a variable resistor, i find the sound to be just as transparent while amplifying inner harmonics to where the tonal texture and the 'air' of the instruments are much more vivid.


The unit is in a pristine condition save for the nasty gash on the backside by the connectors, which is the only reason why 2 points are taken off the rating.


It will be shipped from S.korea in a professionally double boxed packaging.

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ttt :)

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Is this still available?


If so, I'm interested.





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