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Recommend an aesthetically pleasing headphone

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I have been looking to purchase a set of phones for over a month and am having a hard time finding a perfect match. I listen to all genres of rock along with jazz and some electronic. I prefer a warmer sound with good low end but not like dre beats! Besides having an excellent audio performance, I would also like something very pleasing to the eye. I like the styling of the p5 and p3 by B&W and Philips' fidelio and uptown. Leather, metal, high quality materials and not excessively huge. I don't like the styling of the ath-m50's or vmoda m80's (too flashy/youth oriented looking for me, although they probably sound great...)


Does anyone have any suggestions in the price range $100 - $300. I would prefer to play them right off my iphone 4s but could be convinced to get an amp. I would mainly use the phones in quiet surroundings while studying for my architectural exams coming up (so open is an option). I will probably purchase some nice iems soon for portable use.


I think I need the help from all the pro's on this site.


Thanks in advance!

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I have the Philips Citiscape Uptowns.  Listening to them right now.  Lovely lower end, while retaining good clarity.  Great soundstage.  Very comfortable and good isolation.  And as you mentioned, they look good, too.  Run very well straight from my Galaxy S II.

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Apart from the B&W and Philips sets you've found (which review well, but I haven't heard either), I'd also suggest the Grado SR-225 or 325, and Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 (and the ATs vs the Grados are about polar opposites in sound) for consideration at least. smily_headphones1.gif
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Given your need for aesthetics I'd go with the P-5. I owned them for awhile they are nicely build and sound decent. Every-now-and-then they pop up in the FS forum in the $180 to $200 price range.

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Haha I don't consider Grado's that attractive, but each man to his opinion. They do sound quite nice though.


The K550 look classy IMO, and they would be great if they fit your head. The K/Q70X look nice, but are too basslight for me.

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