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Headphones under 50$ (I need your help)

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Hi guys. I'm new in this headphones thing....
I'm looking for headphones under 50$, so maybe you could help me with that.
Would be great if headphones would be comfortable, good sound isolating, good sound quality and maybe nice looking...
P.S. What you thing about Razer Electra or Orca?

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Some more information would be use full, what will they be used for? Over ear, on ear etc.

I'll have some suggestions once I have this information.


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Headphones i will use for music. I would like over ear headphones... Because I think it have better sound isolation or not?

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For $50, the AKG K81DJ's are really nice. Their isolation is excellent, and they sound great, though if you have a big head they can be pretty uncomfortable.


The Koss Pro DJ 100's are also a great headphone. They don't isolate nearly as well, but they are a bit more comfortable and have a more balanced sound.

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I love my Superlux HD661 ... $50 but sound like $100....

Its portable, easy to drive,


The only issue is comfort if you have big ears....else, its perfect.

But they are monitoring headphones, so...its neutral (not prominent in the sub bass region) like...but bright...doesn't really bother me at all.

Its a copy of Sony 7506 ... the most famous cans that you will find in studios...together with the V6.




Panasonic RP-HTF600S




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The under $50 price point is not the best, there are some good headphones but if you saved up to $100 you would see a huge leap in quality, still without using an amp. But anyway...


If they are closed they will isolate better, but open let in allot of noise. I would say the Creative Aurvana Live! They are a bit over your budget at $60 but offer a very well balanced sound, but still feel warm. The build quality is okay, what you would expect for $60, and they do isolate some noise. Great for around the house. You should also check out the Superlux 668-b, I haven't purchased these but I have heard good things.


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