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Superlux info for gaming/movies (fun!)

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Ok after 2 days reading back and forth for the forums, i come to the conclusion that the best bang for the bucks (for my use) is a superlux headphone (with a modmic if i get back to online gaming).

I think i'm a basshead person (let's say i love the fun side of gaming, explosions and the other s*its at high volume :D), and i will use the headset mainly for gaming and action movies listening in silent cinema mode and dolby headphone mode. I'm not a really techy person regard to audio spec, so i'm really lost reading around about which one is better, the only thing i think i got straight is that a closed headphone will have better bass but not so great positional accuracy, open will be the opposite. I wanted to use closed cups so i'll not disturb people around me and wil isolate fan noise better (i made a test and also with the cheap open cup i have now, at the ususal volume level i use they totally cover the noise and my wife can't hear anything next room, in every case will be an improvement seeing that now i don't use headphones for watching movies late in the night :D).

From what i've read people tend to suggest to buy:

668B if you want a open type or 662 if you want a closed one, anyone that have both can help me choose? Are they the right choice (based on close and open type cup), or you can suggest something else from the superlux range (luckily pretty easy to get them in italy)? As i said main use is fun gaming and action movies listening, i'm not a passionate music listener (i listen to music only when running or cycling). And by the way i need an extension cord about 4m, any particular thing i should look for?(other than avoid cheap china stuff).


Really really thanks and apologize my bad english :)

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The 668b is a very nice option if your looking for an open headphone with a good amount of bass.  As you've said, the positional accuracy is better on open headphones but you will leak a lot of sound at moderate volume levels.  Now, if you're not playing FPS games and want isolation and immersion, a closed headphone would be better.  I really can't comment on the 662's but if you're not looking to spend a whole lot, the JVC-RX700's or the JVC-RX900's seem to be popular with gamers.

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In the end i got the 668b, i must say it's a really nice headphone. I'm not an audiophile but it's a great quality improvement over my 2.1 speaker setup and any other headphones i have at home! :) Now time to mod it a bit for comfort wearing ^^

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I'm glad your happy with your 668b's smily_headphones1.gif

If you're looking for some new ear pads, the following will work:


Leather - AKG K240

Pleather - Creative World of Warcraft Headset

Velour - AKG K271, Beyerdynamic DT990



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