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TDK BA200 Comply foam tips

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Hi guys,


I just bought the TDK BA200 and prefer the comply tips to the bi-flange. They are just more comfortable and give a lusher sound. Problem is, I don't know what size fits me. 

I prefer the spherical shaped ones (TS-100), and this web review stated that the BA200 comes with a large sized TS-100. 




I quote - "Accessories:  ... a shirt clip, a tip cleaning tool, 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter plug, replacement nozzle filters and 4 eartip pairs: 2 Bi-Flanged pairs (Small/Large) and 2 Comply Foam tip pairs (Medium TX-100/Large TS-100)...."


But when I go to Comply's website to order more pairs, they only show Medium size for the TS-100. There is no large. So either the reviewer is wrong, or Comply doesn't sell the large? 


Can someone verify for me what are the sizes of the foams that come with the BA200?



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Actually I think the BA200 comes with a pair of Ts100 normal / mid size and a pair of Tx100 large.
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That's my review. The TS100 is medium, while the TX-100 is Large. I'll fix it now, thanks for pointing out and sorry if I mislead you.

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Thanks for clearing that up!

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We plan to add all sizes to the Ts-Series by the end of August :)... with an official launch at CES 2013. So stay tuned.




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I think you should introduce a new line of tips, maybe a series that focuses on durability. I use Shure Olives and 1 pair can last up to a year, but a pair of T-100 can only survive about 2 weeks. I like your tips, but I don't think it's cost effective. It's a shame considering that you have tips for various models while Olives can only fit small nozzles.

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I just purchased new in box TDK-BA200 and contents included 2 sets of Comply tips: 1pr. Ts100 Comfort and 1pr. Tx-100 Isolation. I am trying out the Ts100 Comfort pair first. I find them to be excellent. Very comfortable fit with a perfect seal. The Ts100 Comfort pair look to be slightly smaller than the Tx-100 pair included. Can someone (from Comply) please tell me if the Ts100 included are Small or Medium size and are Tx100 Medium or Large. Lastly, has anyone tried the newer Tsx Comfort Plus with the TDK-BA200.



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Originally Posted by Comply View Post

We plan to add all sizes to the Ts-Series by the end of August :)... with an official launch at CES 2013. So stay tuned.





Still not available in european retailers ?

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