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Best Audiophile isolating over-ear headphones?

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I'm looking for some advice on a new pair of cans.  I work in an open office environment, and need something that sounds good but also does a good job isolating me from the noise around me, and also isolates my music from my neighbors.  I have a pair SE535s which I use at times, but I find it hard to keep them in for hours at a time.  I also use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770s which isolate decently, but I don't love their sound. 


In terms of my sound preferences, I have a pair of HD650s which I quite like.  I also briefly had a pair of Denon D5ks which I thought sounded fantastic.  (I purchased because I thought they'd provide isolation, but really didn't.)  I listen to all types of music, from Eletronica to Pop to Instrumental.  Not a lot of traditional classical stuff.  My setup right now is a Headroom Micro DAC and a Little Dot II++ tube amp, so I don't need something geared towards a lower powered source.  And portability isn't very important either as i'll be leaving the cans at work. 


I'm currently considering the Beyerdynamic T5P or the Ultrasone 8s, but I'm open to any other suggestions that people might have.  




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Try D7100

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T5p's, but their expensive as FARK

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@iDriveFerraris - Yeah, the T5P's are crazy expensive - but I figure if I'm going to be listening hours a day, 5 days a week for the forseeable future then eventually they'll be worth it (or so I keep telling myself.)  Have you used them?  


@olegausany - In truth, I don't like the styling of Denon's new line at all.  But, if they sounded great, were comfortable enough, and blocked out sound I'd get over it.  I'm wary after the complete lack of sound isolation in The D5ks (they might as well have been open cans.)  Do know the new line to be more isolating?  

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I never tried D7100 but have D600 and use them dayly during subway trips to/from work and i can only hear subway trains or very noisy tracks no cars or people talking

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no l0l, I'm 16, i can't afford that **** since I'm saving for a car lol. but i have seen good reviews on them and they appear to be pretty good, but their 32 ohms which i think is to low they should be at least 250

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Originally Posted by iDriveFerraris View Post

no l0l, I'm 16, i can't afford that **** since I'm saving for a car lol. but i have seen good reviews on them and they appear to be pretty good, but their 32 ohms which i think is to low they should be at least 250

Lol then you must not be driving Ferraris :-P

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I have audio tecnnica w1000x, about leaking sounds it is good enough to use outside but isolation speaking it could be good as long as you play some music... rolleyes.gif
The sound is great being sometime on the bright side
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If I hv to choose between an ed8 and a t5p...I would take the ed8...more balanced sound of the two evil$$$ redface.gif
Less magnetic flux on the head is better...I guess too. ?
The ear cups on the ed8 is pretty small...so do try it on b4 u plonk down the dough.

The denon d7100 would be a delicious option..bring your portable amp and test it out...
See if the match is made in heaven. The isolation is pretty good.
The clarity is like the t5p but with a big stick in the bass dept.
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HD800 mad.gif

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HD800 does not provide any isolation whatsoever.

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Try the Mad Dogs from Mrspeakers. I just got a pair and I think they're great. In fact, I also just got a pair of HD650 and I prefer the Mad Dogs as they have better imaging (not as wide as the HD650 but more precise) and a cleaner sound while still maintaining a similar tonality.


I am seriously, seriously impressed with these and I have heard a lot of excellent headphones over 500 bucks. The Mad Dogs are 260 plus shipping but they could be 500 bucks and I would still think they're worth it.


They're comfortable and isolate well (I've used them at work).


They just need a good amp to sound their best (not unlike the HD650 in that sense)


At home, I've run them off the Burson soloist and at work I'm using the ALO Continental. these amps have some power and the Mad Dogs need it.

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AKG K 550
Beyerdynamic T5
Denon AH-D7000
Shure SRH 940
Ultrasone Edition 8
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Be aware that D7000 are semi-open so while listening to music you stil will hear people talking or phone ringing etc

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I should be able to audition both the HD800s and the LCD-2s next Tuesday/Wednesday with a few sets of cables at my home using my amp and source material. I will report back my impressions to the forum. The HE-500s and the T1s will likely come over the next few weeks. I will use the AKGs as a control when auditioning them.
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