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Grado SR-60s

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I just got some today, they will be mine for a month before I give em away, so I will post a couple quick first thoughs, with more details later in regards to how they compare with my HD600s.

The first thing I popped in was some Dream Theater, the second disc of their Live in NY set. The impact from the drums and bass at the beginning surprised me, it reminded me strongly of the RS-2s I got to listen to for a few minutes. They didn't impact quite as much, but it is definantly all there. I also noticed some unnaturalness to the way the drums and vocals sound, they are kind of colored, in a similar way to the RS-2s, I don't like the synth piano sound on Acid Rain at all, but I am really liking the bass from these things, it goes fairly deep and is very punchy and controlled without being overpowering. The HD600s sound wooly and stuffy in comparison. In contrast, the Grados sound light, silibant, and colored in comparison.

On Bozzio Levin Stevens - Duende - the flamenco guitar is just magic! It just seems more "there" then with the HD600s, and the bass is slightly less overpowering then on the HD600s.

Run Lola Run - Running One - Nasty silibance on the spoken female vocals, other then that I have no problems with the way they are performing, sometimes the hard left/hard right sounds are annoying but I am not using my Airhead right now.

One thing I am starting to find is that I am not seeing more detail despite their brightness, but actually less. While the HD600 is a significantly darker headphone, I find it a good bit clearer sounding.

More opinions to come, and possibly some comparison to my precious KSC-50s .
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The HD 600 should be clearer for the extra $$$$. The SR60's strong point is value (although I spent the extra $$ for 80's). BTW- that sibilance in the 60's is tamed alot by a -2 or -4 dB EQ in the 2K Hz range (for those who dare experiment with the dark side of equalization).

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I also found that the treble of my pair softened a bit after a month or so of use. I really like them for female vocals, which is one of their strong points IMHO. For that, they are far more enjoyable than my V6.
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I bought them used so they are pre broke in.

So far I am finding they have a similar bass charecter as the KSC-50s too, just less boomy (But with a similar punch, but have a much nicer, more realistic sounding midrange, and the upper treble is a good bit more detailed on the SR-60s).

The only area where I like the KSC-50s more other then comfort is in the lower treble and upper mids, the SR-60s have a worse hump there and sound less natural at times because of it.

I am feeling kind of sick and stuffy, I today I am finding my ears don't want to listen to very much .
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