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I consider myself a kinda dormant amator audiophile that 20 years ago spent almost all my free time listening to musicand trying to make my home sound experience the better possible --that with a small bugjet, but I managed too -- and since some years ago I kinda went dormant because of depression and bad decisions..
Now I have the time and will to awake and open my ears again...
I've been using a ****ty (when it comes to sound) android, a zte blade that I used on the run and a Sony Tablet S when I stop in somewhere for a while.
The sony tablet is better but not my preferred cup of tea, but I hadn't given up on him yet, it has possibilities but I don't like the default environment that comes in the tablet for music..
I use a Sony 50 euros in earphones that I don't remember the name but I do know that they are more bass driven and are missing some medium frequencies, and to a lessen degree some higher frequencies are also missing but less. I intend to buy others too but after buying the media player..

I need a android or ios (possibly not because I don't want to be itunes locked), it's got to be one of those because I need wifi and some apps. I use audiogalaxy, rdio, deezer, and other mp3 /lossless streaming apps.. Using audiogalaxy for example allows me to have all my music available at anytime, anywhere i want it, and I don't want to loose that when buying a good quality sound capable player.
Also I ear to some podcasts, and some radios on higher bit rates.
When it comes to video capabilities in the device it depends... It depends on the price.. If I spend more that 200 euros I think that the media player should have a cpu/gpu that allows 1080p video streaming and possibly should even be a dual core... In the current market spending that amount of money should get those things.. Even the ipod touch has those things and it ain't the model of cheap...
But if the device cost, say 100 euros or something closer to that then I don't mind on the video capabilities as much...

I'm almost a total newbie when it comes to this market of portable media players, but I'm not new to smartphones and tablets, please guide me in the right direction. Thanks.

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