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DAC under 500$

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Hi .

I'm thinking about buying a new PC and i also have a new HP pavilion dv6 .

And i have a JDSLabs C421 and a Sennheiser HD25-1 II and i may add some speakers and stuff to them (i might even buy another headphone for indoors) and i'm buying a new external sound card for both my laptop and PC so if you have any suggestions you could go to that topic as well .

My taste in music is a little peculiar but here it is i mostly listen to technical and melodic death metal , sometimes gothic and i'm beginning to like the occasional symphonic metal as well (mostly symphonic gothic) also i listen to classic stuff not very often though .

So that's it .

Please post your suggestion asap .

thanks .

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I have not heard this dac but if I had to decide for one below $500 right now it would be the Yulong D100 for sure!


Review here


And Review of the newer MKII Model here



I believe that is as best as you can get with $500



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The D100 is a DAC/Amp. But it is very good at either.


Jude reviewed the Dragonfly, and really liked it. You also may want to take a look at the ODAC or Bifrost.

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