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I may get some backlash from this but I don't really like overly big headphones, that's why I liked the K840 KL. The 840's and M50 is perfect size for me. Given that it's evident that I'm not a professional in knowing which headphones are overly amazing, would you be able to suggest some good ones? Or do you think the 840's are ones that I should just stick with?

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The 840 is a good can for the money.  The 271 (based on hearing the K 240 Studio) is probably a side step and the build quality of now Chinese made AKG's (like both the 271 & 240) is not what they used to be when they were made in Austria.  The K 550 presents a problem of getting a good seal for some (especially for guys with beards or long sideburns--and some have reported it even with glasses) and that seal is necessary to get its full sound.


So yeah--the affordable, safe and quality choice is probably the 840.

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i personaly hate the way the philips sound

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I'm looking at the Uptowns as well, and I actually tried them at a local BestBuy. I'm not much of an audiophile, but I agree with what KG Jag said, they are definitely more coloured. Aside from SQ though, they are definitely better looking - despite the cable drawbacks. But it really depends what kind of sound you are looking for, so look into that aspect.

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