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SRH840 or Citiscape Uptown's?

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Hey. I've narrowed down my choice for which headphones to buy to the SRH840 or Citiscape Uptown's. I will be using these headphones daily, and it's important that sound does not leak as I commute a lot on subways and buses and am regularly in a library. I've heard a lot of reviews on these products and hear they're really great, better than the M50's which my brother owns and sounds ridiculously amazing. Now my main question is, which of these should I buy that will suit the above? I hear that the SRH840's are heavy on the head and can hurt if they're on for long periods of time and that they are also comfortable. The Uptown's on the other hands, I hear they are very comfortable and don't hurt what so ever and that they do not leak. For people who have these headphones what would you say about their comfort and leakage? Also, for the uptown's I'm worried about the cable ripping as it is not replaceable and the volume slider (several people claim to be annoying). Has anyone experienced a ripped cable for it? Thanks guys. I listen to all type of music btw.

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I can't speak about the SRH840 but I do have the Citiscape Uptowns. I am wearing them right now so I'll try to answer your questions.


The Uptowns are comfortable and well built. I feel like the seal is good except, at least on my pair, the left side feels slightly off. I don't know how to describe it. I think it might be an alignment issue but it feels like there is a slight gap. Really, I am being picky here.


The cable is good because it's flat and non tangle. The volume control is absolutely terrible. I just leave it on full and adjust with the device/player. Don't view it as as a show stopper. Just "bypass" it by settting it and forgetting. You wouldn't not buy a pair of shoes because it came with extra laces you didn't like, right? Just don't use it. Personally, I never use headphones with my phone so I don't care about that button that mutes the audio. If I had a choice, I would have preferred Philips didn't include the module at all. I have never had a ripped cable.

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Thanks. I love the design of these headphones. What's the warranty like incase the cord ever rips?

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I have no idea how Philips would handle a wire tear, especially if it's pass the normal period. I am actually having second thoughts about keeping my pair. I haven't really had any problems with them and think they sound good but I would really regret it if something happened to the cord down the road. My problem isn't the cord, it's actually that I don't like the inline volume control. It's another element that can break and it's totally unnecessary.

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SQ-wise I'd go for the 840s. I've auditioned both of these and came away a lot more impressed with the 840s. I do understand the headband weight - if I were to get some 840s in the future I'd have to accompany it with a removable Beyer headpad.

Another headphone to consider which is both comfortable, lightweight, and great-sounding is the KRK KNS-8400. Less bass than the 840s but more detailed to my ears and the bass goes deeper.
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Personally I would just go with the more comfortable and sexier looking headphone. The citiscape uptown really does look nice :) 


Main reason being, both are not exactly what I would consider super audiophile headphones. If you truly want the best in sound quality, you're going to have to look some place elsewhere. For now, go with what's more comfortable. The enjoyment factor will probably involve comfort / looks more than the sound quality, which I think between the two you are choosing, will have both pros and cons anyways. 

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I just packed mine up and sent them back to Amazon. I actually really liked the sound but I can't stop thinking about the inline volume control and how much it annoyed me. 


Edit: If they came out with a version with detachable cord (bonus) and no volume control (mandatory), I would repurchase them.

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I have not tried the SRH840s, but I recently demoed the Phillips line. I came away much more impressed with the Downtowns. At $50 less MSRP, they are a much better bang for the buck in my opinion.


Uptowns were not extremely comfortable for me, but it could be because I have a large noggin. Clamping force was slightly bothersome, and I could not sit through more than a few songs without feeling discomfort. I will say that I was pleased with how the headphones sounded at their price point.


Downtowns were a much better fit, and came with the added benefit of being significantly lighter. For portable everyday use, I think this is a must. The headphones paired with my Cowon J3 well, and at 75% volume was more than enough to drown out my noisy surroundings. I didn't buy it in store that day, but I am considering a purchase online. At the ~$80 you can find it selling for, I think it's definitely a value buy.

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Citiscape is a good phone for the price when i heard it, but the way the 840 scales up in better systems can't be matched. put it in a great rig, and it will deliver. Removable cable, and no inline mic are a plus. Though i found the 840's uncomfortable for a while until i broke in the headband took about year of average listening for me to get used to them.

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I love my Uptown's! They are supremely comfortable, and sound amazing. The only headphones I can say sound better, are the AKG K550's. But those are $300. So, go with the Uptown's. I don't have a problem with the In-line volume thing, I just wish the button was easier to press. Durability seems great, high quality materials used. Me and my friend did a leak test in a silent room, they barely leak AT ALL. They are probably the least leaky headphones ever.

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The Philips are a colored headphone and they are not good for all genres.  If you like that sound signature and it fits your genres--go for it.  It's a life style can--a good one--but still colored for that use.


Although it has a mid-bass hump, the 840 is a much more neutral-ish can.  It is superior for all around use.  They are designed to good/accurate enough to use in a professional audio capacity. 

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I doubt ill be getting the phillips. The wire worries me + the commands. How are the AKG K840 KL? Do they sound as good as the 840's? Are there any good $100-300 AKG headphones that you can suggest?

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Originally Posted by danquoc View Post

I doubt ill be getting the phillips. The wire worries me + the commands. How are the AKG K840 KL? Do they sound as good as the 840's? Are there any good $100-300 AKG headphones that you can suggest?

Isn't that a portable headphone?  If so, you should ask the folks in that section of the forum.

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Well, in general, do you know of any akg's (closed back) that are equal to the 840 in terms of sound quality or superior? nothing over 250.

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Originally Posted by danquoc View Post

Well, in general, do you know of any akg's (closed back) that are equal to the 840 in terms of sound quality or superior? nothing over 250.

Except when you can find the K 550 on sale for about $250, the only closed can from AKG in that price range I know about is the AKG K271 MKII.  Can't tell you more, as I have never heard it.


At the moment the K 550 is going for a slightly below average price of $280 shipped at Amazon.

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