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question about shure SE215

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Hi everyone!
Im actually breaking my ass saving money to get a pair of shures, I've heard those are really sensitive, and with any miss function of the source, the will play the interference, so my question is, have someone experienced this issue with any iDevice, because I'm really concerned about that because I don't want to get disappoint and cry at night because I lost my money ( I'm just kidding that won't happen, but surely I'll get sad). biggrin.gif
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i use my se535 with my iphone 4, no problems 

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Thanks! Good to know...someone else?
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Perhaps you heard that about the higher models. The SE215 sounds fine from most iDevices I tried them with. No hiss whatsoever.

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try out the shure 215, warm, pretty good mids, highs are okay. I mean for that price it hard to find something like the shure 215. I own a pair and i love them.

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^ agree with ying, I have the 215s too and for the price, they're a really good deal. And I've had no problems using them with any portable device since I've had them
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most of the IEM can sound pretty well on idevices

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