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For Sale: SignalCable Power Cables

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For Sale:
SignalCable Power Cables

Will Ship To: Europe

For sale here is the following items.


1. SignalCable MagicPower Digital Reference (3 ft)

2. SignalCable MagicPower Power Cord (3 ft)


Both cables are terminated with a Shuko AC plug. Therefore I am only selling the cables within Europe.


I will be honest. These barely got 1 hour of usage for one silly reason. I simply wasn't prepared for how stiff these cables were. On top of that the IEC plug of the MagicPower Power Cord was heavier than I thought, to the point I felt uncomfortable the weight might too much for the IEC inlet. Back in went the generic power cords. I will be looking for after market power cables that are at least more flexible than this. 


However if the points I mentioned above are of no problem to you. Then you might want to consider these. Condition is like new!


I will only sell the 2 cables together for $100. Shipping is expensive, and selling them separately would be pointless, unless the buyer is willing to pay for shipping as well.

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For Sale: €800 (EURO)
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