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Entry level CD/DVD players

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I am getting into the audio world fairly quickly and I fell in love with sound. Currently, i own DT880s/250 and CA 540A-B apmlifier. The only weak link (at my level) in my chain is the CD player. I use a cheap DVD player made by LG and that's clearly not enough. For over a week, I am browsing the internet and trying to find best entry level CD player. My budget is not very high - I think 300$ would be my maximum.


I quite like the looks and feel of Cambridge Audio so I though I would try Topaz CD5 player. I was browsing throuh Denons, Onkyos and Marantzs, but I can't decide. My only requirement is the remote control. I also don't know whether I should buy DVD player or just CD player. I listen mainly to original CDs, but I was thinking about trying some high quality recording burnt on DVDs.


Any thoughts? 


Thank you.

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Hello Jan,


Another option you might consider is to buy a DAC (digital to analog converter) and connect it to your dvd player via optical or coax.  You will be using your dvd player as a "transport" while the dac does all the work and much better sound than analog from dvd player.  Going in this direction opens up other possibilities in the future as well and the dac can be used with pc, laptop etc.


This pic was taken a couple of years ago but the dvd player (DVP-642) was my first foray into this when I joined here six years ago and I still own it...You connect the dac to dvd player or cd player then connect an amp into the dac..





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I've thought about it and I found two major problems with a DAC (I am going to buy it in the future, but right now it's not a priority). The DVD player is very slow and it makes noise, which is easily audible through (almost) open DT880s. It has a HDD which produces noise as well. But the main reason I can't buy DAC is that I need this DVD player to use with my TV. Right now, I've sacrificed watching TV in order to play DVDs.


I've also thought about laptop + DAC combination, but again, the laptop is noisy as hell (even when slowed down by Nero DriveSpeed). I reckon dedicated CD players won't we very noisy.


I am certain I'll buy DAC as well in the future, but right now, I really need a CD/DVD player L3000.gif

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Sounds good Jan...Good times then....beerchug.gif



I have the Yamaha DVD-S1800 (universal player) and it is very good as is, however the prices have increased substantially the last couple years...



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In my primary system I have a Marantz UD5005 with Marantz receiver.  This is an awesome combination and even works well via headphone out.  I would recommend getting a good solid universal player like the UD5005 or if you are on a budget find a used Oppo DVD player.  The Oppo is a budget audiophile's choice that will play everything except Blu-ray including CD, HDDVD, DVD Audio and SACD.  Having a good universal player opens you up to HD audio discs which will blow your mind through good headphones or quality speakers.  I moved the Oppo DV 980H to my office because I couldn't part with it.  A used Oppo will go for around $100 when you can find one online.  Either of the players I listed will easily outclass a box store player from LG for video and audio.  You can also choose to get a newer Oppo Blu-ray for around $500 at http://www.oppodigital.com/products.asp.  If you are really on a tight budget you can get a great little CD player from the Teac reference series.  I bought the Teac PD-H300mkIII from a fellow headfier for $50 after reading an old review on goodsound - http://www.goodsound.com/equipment/teac_reference_pdh300mkIII.htm

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A few months back I was looking at the Cambridge Audio CA350C, the NAD C515, and the Marantz CD5004.  All are around $300.


I was leaning towards the Cambridge Audio player due to this-


"This is then coupled to Cambridge Audio's third generation proprietary S3 servo solution which dynamically adjusts the focusing, tracking and output level of the laser in real time."


The Marantz unit also stood out to me, since I have an older Marantz CDP that has put out great sound in my main stereo for over a decade.


But after seeing the pics of the internals here, I went with the Onkyo C-7030-




This thing is built like a tank (at least for a budget CD player) and I liked the cheaper price (around $180).  I'm very happy with the sound and overall feel of the Onkyo unit.  Might be worth reading up on. 

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From what I've seen in my Cambridge Audio 540A amplifier, all Cambridge Audio products are built like this... no redundant circuits, no excessive interference. Very good design indeed.

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