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Best headphones in $100-200 range?

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Hey I'm looking for a new pair of headphones. My brother has a pair of ATH-M50's and they sound absolutely incredible. I would buy them but I don't like how the ear pads feel. I've been searching forums and I couldn't find any replacement pads for them (if you know of any please link them) so I will not purchase them. What are good headphones within the $100-200 range that is as good as the ATH-M50's but more comfortable? I listen to all genres of music. I NEED a pair that does not leak, as I listen to music loud and commute a lot.

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first, there is a pre made thread for this purpose. the ath-m50 is a headphone that is much better than mainstream gear at it's pricepoint. it is certainly a good choice, although some say there are better. i reccomend the beyerdynamic dt-250 velour pads. they will fit it with some persuasion, but do be careful when putting them on. that fixed my comfort problems and improved the soundstage a bit. another thing you can try to increase general comfort is stretching them on a tissue box over night. the large tissue box will help quite a bit by reducing the clamping force. i won't tell you that the m50 are the best headphone for the price, but they are good. you surely will not be dissapointed. as a side note, some people say that a good headphone amp or DAC such as the fiio e10 are helpful for better sound, but i am content with my 20  dollar asus xonar dgx sound card, or a fiio e6+l9 for portable use

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the m50s have pretty good sound isolation due to the pads used.
if you do a pad replacement... the m50s looses a lot of its sound quality actually.. which defeats the purpose of getting them in the first place.

If you find them clamping on your head too tight, just get a tissue box and clamp the cans on to stretch the m50s ( dont worry about the headband they are super strong and spring loaded so doesnt break easy)

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Philips Citiscape Uptown's, $150. They barely leak at all, and they are extremely comfortable. Every once in a while, I'll stop and feel the ear cups and padding on them, because it is just so nice to feel! And I personally love the way they sound, the only other headphones that I think could beat them is the AKG K550's, but those are $300.

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