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Games With Fun Local Multiplayer?

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It's so hard to find some that you haven't played before anymore!

Current gen has been so into online multiplayer, but it seems a lot of games coming out now have forgot just how much fun getting a bunch of friends over at your house and playing together on one TV can be. smile.gif

Suggestions? Any and all are welcome! But for me... particularly for these systems?:
Wii (including WiiWare and Virtual Console)
N64 (not every game's on VC yet, of course!)

Some of these are kinda older, but hey, if it's good, it's good!

Oh, and lesser-known stuff especially - mainly because I already own quite a few of the games more well-known for this... biggrin.gif



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Any Mario Kart... come on, IT'S MARIO KART.

Oh, BOOM BLOX. Just trust me... Boom Blox is stupid awesome.
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Originally Posted by ZA BEASTO View Post



YES! I stinking love Kirby Airride! City Trial just doesn't ever really get old. :D
Haven't hear of Jojo's - might have to check it out.
And yeah, I own some Mario Party games, but none of the N64 ones, actually. Is there anything really distinct about them compared to the Gamecube ones?

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Any Mario Kart... come on, IT'S MARIO KART.
Oh, BOOM BLOX. Just trust me... Boom Blox is stupid awesome.

Yeah, Mario Kart's a classic. In my personal opinion, it can get a bit bland if you've played it a bunch... but yeah, you really should have at least one of those. :)
I've heard of Boom Blox - that's the Steven Spielberg-directed game, right? It didn't seem too amazing at first glance, but I may have to take another look.

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Yeah, play Boom Blox with 4 players. Its so fun... me and the gang had so much with it, laughing our asses off... considering we are all nearing our 30s, and still playing that game, it says a lot.
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Bomberman is obligatory when you're talking local multiplayer.


As for which one to get, I'll leave that up to you since practically every gaming platform has an entry in the franchise. (Too bad you don't have a Saturn, since Saturn Bomberman is widely regarded as the best of the 2D games.)

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Super smash is my favorite lan game.

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Kirby Air Ride's 4 Player Split-Screen was so fun!

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Originally Posted by illbleed View Post

Super smash is my favorite lan game.

Melee was the best one by far.


If you like pokemon, the pokemon stadium games for N64 were pretty sweet too.

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I know you are asking about console games, but for the computer Worms Reloaded is tons of fun for local multiplayer.

Or if you have an old computer laying somewhere, you should try the old Worms Armageddon (doesn't run on newer system anymore :( ).

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I love "Dungeon Defenders" on XBL. Great fun loot grabbing, first-persion-tower-defense, hack 'n slash.
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try dota on computer I used to play that its free if you play through garena

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I can't believe no one has mentioned one of the best LAN games for the n64, GOLDENEYE!
I would also highly suggest Perfect Dark as well as Diddy Kong Racing. For PS1 I have to give a shout out to all the Streetfighter Series, those games were simply amazing.
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If you have a 360, get Hidden In Plain Sight, at the Indie Game section. It's only $1, and I guarantee you will have great fun.

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Since you mentioned N64 - Goldeneye and Perfect Dark seem to require mentioning. On PS1; Tekken 3, Army Men, Twisted Metal, and Gran Turismo are all worth mentioning. I'd also add Project Eden, Gran Turismo 3, and Battlefront (especially the sequel) for PS2.
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