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Question for SoCal beach-goers

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Heading to SoCal next week and would like to go boogie-boarding with decent waves.  I generally go to Santa Monica since there's normally plenty of parking.  Or maybe down to Venice.


But most other beaches, I've stayed away from since I would start at one beach, look for parking, not find parking and continue heading south until damn near Mexico!


So...what are the beaches beaches there with both good waves and plenty of parking?



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I think the best place is in Torrance beach near the snack shack. It's also where the bike path starts going North.


Parking is abundant if you want to pay for parking, But I usually park on the street and walk to the beach.

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Considering it's going to be in the 90's for the next week and it's in the middle of August, it's going to be hard to find parking at any beach if you don't get to one very very early in the day.

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May have have to give Torrance a try (thanks for the suggestion).


Unfortunately, the temp is cooling down to mid/low 70's for the timeframe we'll be there.  Weird, as my recollection was that mid-August timeframe was the hottest (and best) for the beaches. 


It'll still be better than the Wasington State beaches.  Bbbrrrrr...

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Of course, there are also beaches North of Santa Monica.  Malibu, Oxnard, Ventura - there's more parking the farther North you go - until you get to Santa Barbara...  tongue.gif

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If you make it to Torrance this summer, let me know how you liked it.

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I'd stay Torrance beach is your best bet.  It's the furthest you can get from both Malibu and Orange County's sewage dumps into the ocean.   Basically right in the middle of the two.


Also, it's a lot less crowded at Torrance beach. (Redondo Beach Pier area).  Unless you want more of a touristy experience, then by all means hit up Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.   Just don't swim in the waters anywhere north of Santa Monica.



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