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New FiiO E02i Rocky Unboxing/HD Pics and information. Thread will update as more info comes.

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FiiO E02i Rocky Smartphone Headphone Amplifier




FiiO has just unveiled a new headphone amplifier codenamed Rocky. It is a update to the aging E1 and E3 designs. It features a small size but packed with features. It has a built in headphone amplifier, "High SNR" Microphone, bass boost, bypass option, 10 hour battery, inline control compatible with iPhone, metal shielding to better "shield the disturbance"(EMI presumably), and "excellent circuit design".


It's full control operation as of this moment is only guaranteed by FiiO to work on iPhone's. Android is very different so some may or may not work. User comments on useability is appreciated of course.







HD Pictures:


Full picture album:













Or available here in thread:


Many pictures vertically: (Click to show)





Official E02i User Manual for download here:



I do not see anything in TOS or FAQ on not allowing the posting of a manual so if it is not allowed then please tell me. I have asked FiiO for permission to post the User Manual that is not yet available yet.


No access to a word processor? Click here:

Pics will not show up and there are formatting errors.


User Manual easy access: (Click to show)




Multifunctional Headphone Amplifier

 for iPhone

                                                             Model No.: E02i

User manual


Brief introduction

E02i is one kind of multifunctional portable headphone amplifier which is specially designed for products from APPLE Company.  Connecting with headphone output jack of iPhone can not only improve sound quality and but also realize all functions of original line-control headphone.


Output power:                  >70mw(32Ω);>18mw(300Ω)

Headphone Impedance Range:   16Ω~300Ω

Frequency Response:           20Hz~20KHz

Power Supply:                    Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery

size of mainframe:               23.3mmx57.3mmx15.3mm(including the clip)

length of wire:                   800mm

Weight:                         27g


Important notice

Do not repair, disassemble the device by yourself, and do not put it in the place with water.

When you do not use this device for a long time, please charge it regularly to ensure the battery life.

Please adjust a proper volume when enjoying music, to avoid damaging your hearing and audio stereo system, and please turn down the volume before plugging in the headphone, do not use headphone for a long time.



If E02i does not work, the battery might need to be recharged

When without sound output, or the sound with noise, please check audio output device and the music, whether they are in good condition.

It perhaps the connector of audio input and earphone out do not connect perfectly, please pull them out and then plug in again.


List of items in the package (Please verify)

E02i       1pc;   USB cable      1pc;    User manual        1pc


Operating instructions


-  External MIC makes calling and record

function possible


-  Increase volume

Music control /answer call

 - Press one time: play or pause

 - *Slightly press it twice quickly and continuously: next song

 - *Slightly press it three times quickly and continuously: previous song

 - *Slightly and continuously press it twice, press longer time for the second time: Music forward

 - *Slightly and continuously press it three times , press longer time for the third time: Music backward

 **It would be valid when the interval of continuously and lightly pressing time is within 1S.

 - Long press it until hearing notification tone : voice control function

 - Under voice memos, slightly press one time : start recording, press one time again : stop recording

- Phone call: press one time is answering /hanging up the call

- Incoming call, slightly and continuously press it for 2 seconds means refusing to answer the call.

State and indicator

- Charging state: red light is on (will be off after fully charged)

- Working state: blue light is on

- Charging while working: red and blue light are on at the same time


-  decrease the volume

Built-in lithium battery

- Fully charged: needs about 90 minutes (via computer USB port)

- Total runtime after full charge is estimated about 8 hours (under laboratory testing environment, for reference only).


- Support all line control function for iPhone (3GS)/(4)/(4S)







                               line card


3.5mm headphone jack

-   Connect headphone

Headphone Impedance Range: 16Ω~300Ω

Output power: >70mW(32Ω);   >18mW(300Ω)

      Please do not put on the headphone during connecting/pulling out E02i


BASS switch




-            BYPASS is invalid when BASS BOOST is open  





-            Turn off BASS BOOST


MICRO USB connector

- Connect to PC/adapter to charge E02i

- Use the adaptor with voltage and current above 5V and 200mA

(11) Metal clip


(12)Power/ BYPASS




-        Upward is Power on , headphone amplifier and line-control function can

 Be used at the same time




-       Downward is Power off, pass-through mode ; BASS BOOST and headphone amplifier is invalid. When the battery runs out , we advise you to open BYPASS.

(13)Two sliding line cards

- Prevent connecting line from twining so that connecting line looks more beautiful.

- Be able to slid up and down which will easy to use for customers.









Specially stated:

FiiO has the final interpretation of these instructions. If any discrepancy is found between the instruction manual and the product, please refer to the actual product.

FiiO reserves the right to amend the technical specifications without prior notice

FiiO reserves the right to amend these instructions without prior notice.

Manufacturer reserves the right to amend technical specifications without prior notice


Warranty provision:

1.     Amplifier: one year free maintenance.

2.    Accessories: No warranty.

FiiO Warranty for reference only, please subject to the provisions of the local Sales Agents



FiiO Electronic Technology Ltd

Address:   2/F, F Building, Hougang Industrial Zone, Shigang Village,

Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. Postcode: 510430

http:// www.fiio.com.cn

facebook (http://www.facebook.com/fiiochina)

twitter (https://twitter.com/FiiO_official


If E02i is not working normally or any doubts,

Please login it( http://fiio.com.cn/support/FeekBack.aspx) and post for advisory or send email to market@fiio.com.cn directly.



The E02i can work as a Microphone for your smart device as long as music or audio controls as well as controls for other features.  If the amplifier's battery dies, all you need to do is switch it to "OFF Bypass" mode which will then still leave you access with the Microphone and player controls. Which is very nice. No need to unplug or anything. Instructions on what button presses do what are in documentation. Reported battery use time is 10 hours. Reported battery charge is 90 minutes through regular computer USB(your mileage may vary). I was able to recharge in 50 minutes with an authentic Apple USB charger from no battery to full battery.



Output Power: >70mW @ 32 ohms;   18m@ 300 ohms

Headphone impendence Range: 16 ohm~300 ohm

Freq Responce:20 hz~20KHz

Power supply: Li- ion rechargable

Size: 23.33mm x 57.3mm x 15.3mm (including the clip)

Length of the wire: 800mm (80cm)

Weight: 27 g


Release Date:

There is no official date for retail release yet. The last known APPROX date was August 20th.


Ususally release date doesn't mean the day it will be in stores. I do not know if FiiO takes release date to be the day their suppliers will first get it or when they allow it for release and sending to retailers.



Represenative has told me it will be availble early next month. So early Septemeber.



It will be dependent on retailer but price will be about $30 USD



Quoted battery life is 10 hours with a 90 minute USB computer charge.

I got 6-7 hours of use at medium to high power(whatever that may mean to you) with a 50 minute charge using a USB to wall outlet adapter from Apple.



Thanks to James and Sunny at FiiO for arranging this review sample! gs1000.gif



Review will be out soon. I've been dedicating time on this device.

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Nice job there Panda-sama!


Looking forward to your review of this excellent FiiO product!



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Thanks troll dragon! Ill make this priority but i have many other reviews waiting for me! *sigh*

price is approx $29 and will be out early september smily_headphones1.gif
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E02i Review is up:



Very long and thorough in my opinion.

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