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Momiji, I agree with you that this is quite sad that people spend this much on audio equipment and their partners don't have a clue how much all this cost, you can tell by the looks on their faces as the rattle off all these costs. But how dare they cut off The Who!

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"Never feel sorry for a man who owns an airplane"

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Later on this year. WA5LE, Metrum Octave, Rega Apollo R.


I think
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I know it's not the current topic, but a lot of us on the forums are aware of Numark. They just don't have a huge presence here because their main business isn't headphones and their cans generally are a little sub-par in terms of the performance:cash ratio.
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My journey started a year ago, though it can be traced back further to when a friend of mine pushed my away from a Sennheiser and towards a WeSC two years ago (what a bad decision that was). I started with the ubiquitous Audio-Technica ATH-M50 that many first-timers start with, and through asking about the correct amp to use with it and researching reviews vs. popular headphones like Beats to combat naysayers in my life, I ended up spending more time on Head-Fi. Around that time, I realized that I had a Sennheiser HD518 in storage that a friend had given to me years ago. Since I wasn't familiar with headphones at the time, I saw no point in their open design and thought them useless. Listening to them again, I became hooked on all the different sounds that you can get out of headhpones. Since then I've spent ever more time on Head-Fi, and have accumunlated over 35 pairs, and of late I've started getting into modding and put Sennheiser drivers into my crappy old WeSCs. My motto is never to disregard a can based on price, so most of my collection is classified as "mid-fi", in the $200 range. I do most of my listening on my flagships, though, the Beyerdynamic T5p, Grado PS1000, and Koss ESP950, with lesser time spent with my Sennheiser HD600. Most of the other cans I use to monitor and mix my own music occasionally, or they become part of an ever-rotating collection of portables.
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So it really wouldn't be worth paying the money for Numark headphones is what your saying.

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Okay, I have to ask the question, does any here still have a full head of hair after using all these headphones?

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Headphone induced hair loss would look funny.

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Originally Posted by CantScareMe View Post

Headphone induced hair loss would look funny.





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I think you are more likely to lose your hearing before your hair.  There are *plenty* of hairless males on this forum (me included) - but that hair loss is not headphone induced...


You asked how someone could acquire over 400 headphones.  The answer is simple:  one at a time!


I have neither the cash nor the desire to be that obsessed.  I think head-fi is a state of mind - not a budget.  If you are interested in getting the best possible sound out of headphones & earphones, then you are head-fi'ing - regardless of what you actually have on your head or in your ears.



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Several years I ago I was wearing headphones everyday, constantly putting them on and taking them off, not even lifting just sliding off. I had started to develop a bald spot on the crown of my head, until now I always thought it was caused by headphones (it grew back fortunately). That was the reason behind my question.

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I have lots of hair on my head smily_headphones1.gif.

I have grey hairs though. This saddens me.
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Greys aren't bad at least you still have hair lol.

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