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For Sale: iPhone 2G 16gb

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For Sale:
iPhone 2G 16gb

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Gently used iPhone 2G 16gb, excellent condition. Phone is in mint condition with the exception of a few small dings on one corner (see photos). I do not have the original box or accessories, only the phone itself.


This belonged to a relative and I inherited it to use as a camera when my previous digital camera broke. The phone is NOT unlocked and was previously used in the US with AT&T. I'm unfamiliar with unlocking iPhones but if you are at all handy with computers I imagine it wouldn't be terribly difficult.

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So the phone ITSELF is in visibly mint condition? I think the first thing a buyer will do is take that horrendous skin off to see how it is underneath, would you be able to do that and upload another pic or two?

I'm looking at this for collection reasons.

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OK, I took the skin off. Upon doing that, I discovered a few small dents on one corner of the phone, as seen in one of the photos. Sorry these aren't the greatest quality. Best I could do under the crappy lighting here and with a smartphone camera.









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accidental duplicate post

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I just purchased the phone from Macfly.


Thanks macfly! ksc75smile.gif



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Hi, do you still have the iphone 2g 16 gb?  if so i am interested!

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