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Hi people on this forum, i am a basshead and love my deep bass, so i bought a fiio e11 amplifier and a used pair on XB700 headphones. I hook everything up and because i love my bass, i adjust the volume on the fiio amplifier to maximum and the drivers inside the headphone make a loud rattling sound, like they are hitting something. Even if the volume control on the amplifier is set half way. I checked all the drivers for hairs and there is none of them and gave them a quick clean, which made no difference. So i want to know is this normal for bassheads to experience this when they crank the volume to a really high level on their amplifier, who own these headphones? I have also done the mod to them, by removing the white paper from the rear of the drivers and that made the rattling worse. The sound quality is great, but as soon as you turn the volume up to a loud level, enough to vibrate your ears etc.. you can hear the rattling. So I want to please know is this normal for the XB700 headphones, if not then what do i to the headphones to stop it the rattling?

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