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Best cans for every genre

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I want to see what everyone thinks the best pair of headphones for each genre of music is.

1.rap/hip hop






7.Heavy metal

8.The all around best pair of headphones for every genre

(sorry if i missed any)


The criteria for best is based on sound quality, durability, comfort, extra technologies (noise cancelling, subwhoofer, ect.), and if they are able to travel well. explain why your headphones are the best for each genre and rate them on each criteria on a scale of 1-5. Have fun with this oneundefined

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it all depends i guess for the person. if your willing to live with the flaws and strengths of the headphone cause they all have them(same with speakers,ect.).all headphones i have as keepers work good all around for me since i am not too picky on most things and willing to live with their weaknesses and strengths since i am very diverse when it comes to music. i listen to everything pretty much. if it sounds good and don't pierce my ears or cause annoying discomfort listening then it passes for me.
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i have to nominate Beyerdynamic DT series. Now i would say the 250ohms but the 600ohm or 32ohm are both close in sound just very to overall power output. but to me the Beyerdynamics offer a great neutral sound that works great in reproducing all sounds accurately without any coloration. there design is simple yet elegant and they offer 3 different coil designs(32,250,600ohm) for all of the 3 different variations(770,880,990). probably the best and most well rounded headphone and driver series ever.

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