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pc 360 vs hd 580 for gaming??

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i have a xonar dg soundcard coming soon and i own a pair of sennheiser hd 580 would i notice a big diffrence if i buy the pc 360 headset? will be used mainly for fps games like bf3 ect

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I wouldn't recommend the PC360, i have regrets owning them, they fail at playing low bass, I got to the point where I thought i broke them.


Highly recommend AKG Q701 and a Zalman/Modmic

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Originally Posted by roll1 View Post
I have a Xonar DG sound card coming soon and I own a pair of Sennheiser HD580 would I notice a big difference if I buy the PC360 headset? will be used mainly for fps games like BF3 etc.

The Xonar DG can barely drive 250-ohm headphones decently and the HD580s are 300-Ohm.

Cancel the Xonar DG and get an Xonar Essence STX or ST, or even the Asus Phoebus.


Or the Xonar DX or D1 and a Little Dot MKII tube amp

Maybe an Indeed 6922 tube amp. off eBay.

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I don't know about the Xonar cards, but the HD 580 is not the perfect gaming headphone imho - the soundstaging isn't precise enough, and the mids are too drawn back - I like the K701 suggestion as well. But the HD 580 *will* be better than any of those $50 gaming headsets you find at Best Buy or the like; so it's MUCH better than nothing, figuratively speaking.
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I have a pair of PC360 with a xonar stx. I could never be happier. Sure the bass are not overwhelming but you wouldn't want that in a game anyway. They have a really precise soundstage that can let you pin point footstep and such. The integretated microphone is also a breeze and so natural to use. Pull it down it work, push it top and it turn itself off.

If you can buy them off amazon or something you could try them and return them if they were not to your taste.


Edit : A lot of ppl said that the pc360 were the best all arround speaker. If you read through the tread made by  Mad lust envy youll see what I'm talking about.

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i read somewhere that the 360s use the same drivers as the HD598 which is fairly popular amongst gamers who are into competitive FPS. (this usually means a more laid back amount of bass so you can hear stuff like footsteps clearer). I'd totally get a pc360 if i had a soundcard but i've only got onboard sound and e7/e9. Therefore i'm stuck w/ the usb logitech g35 which gets the job done for gaming.

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