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the help-a-noob thread

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i have made some research recently about my first portable rig.


it will be an all rounder setup (games,movies,all genre of music lossless format)


so far i have set on a hd598 for my headphones will receive them in 2 days




1- where can i get a shorter and thickier cable with the senn fixture?


2- what is the best portable AMP to drive em?


(im thinking between a e17 and leckerton 4)

budget is 100-125 and will buy lightly used

if you one FS let me know =)


3- can an amp/dac in one unit can be used for the 2 fonctions?


4- ipod 5.5 is a good enough source?


thx in advance for your time

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1. Just use your Sennheiser cable and reterminate it yourself. It should be plenty thick enough. Alternatively, you can try a custom cable maker like Forza Audio Works or BTG-Audio. Here is where you can get a backup cable if you don't feel safe doing it to the stock one.


2. Well the UHA4 and C421 are probably the two best portable amps under $200. It seems that you want a DAC though, so the latter may be out of the picture. Keep in mind that a DAC will not be usable with your iPod. If you are mainly using these at home, I'd suggest looking into desktop amplifiers.


3. Yes the UHA-4 and E17 can be used as a DAC and amplifier at once.


4. The iPod will be fine. Just use a LOD when connecting to the amp.


Hope this helped!

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The for the inputs

Now i need to find an amp.
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