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Similar to Sennheiser 650

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Was looking for a pair of cans that had similar frequency response to the Sennheiser 650s but closed back. I really like what I have seen/heard from them but my one big problem is that they are open back and consequently have lower bass and are really hurting in the sub bass area. This is no good as I am looking for a bass heavy pair of headphones. Oh and comfort/low clamping is key as well. Thanks for any suggestions!

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You're probably about 6 months too late to get a good deal on them, but the recently discontinued Denon AH-D7000 is a good candidate.  the fall back is the D5000.

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+1 for the Denon D7000. I recently bought the D7000 to replace my Sennheiser HD650. I needed closed headphones to isolate the music better from my surroundings. It should be noted that D7000 is not completely closed, but sufficiently closed for me. I think D7000 and HD650 have the same sound signature, but D7000 has better sub bass and none of the so called "Sennheiser veil". Comfort is great on D7000 but not completly on the level with HD650.

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