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Any suggestions on monitors?

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Didn't really know where to put this thread since I didn't see a forum for any kind of audio output but headphones. So I have been thinking of buying a couple monitors for simple 2.0 setup. I'll be honest- I really have no experience at all in buying actual speakers so I am hoping someone does. Anyway I was looking for something <$200 that would be able to play most frequencies. I'm not expecting anything that would have great frequency response in the sub bass levels or that really crisp sound since when I would be listening to them (the monitors) instead of my cans I will not be focusing so much on the sound (however I do not want to entirely skimp on sound quality). I've wanted to buy a speaker setup so that if I desired I could listen to music and actually be able to feel the bass. Anyone have any suggestions on any good monitors or anything to look for when comparing? Or should I just go with some packaged up 5.1 with a sub at this price range...

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My friend bought himself some KRK Rokit 8 G2 Monitors and he said they sound amazing, but I haven't heard them myself yet. The don't have any digital inputs so you might need to buy a DAC for them. You should be able to get a pair for around $200.

Behringer do have some cheaper monitors with digital inputs.

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Try to get a used Yamaha MSP 5/ HS-80. For around $500 get the a used Adam A7. At this point in time is better to save some more money and get the Adams.


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