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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post


I think Bryston and Cambridge make what you are looking for,   Bryston calls it the BDP-1.  The cost will blow your mind.





As single-minded approaches go, Bryston’s BDP-1 takes some beating.

Think of it as a stripped-down computer, tuned for audio quality.


Too bad the OP didn't specify a price tag very_evil_smiley.gif

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Originally Posted by obobskivich View Post

Apple's Airport Express will stream digital from the network, if you have an Apple network, and iTunes; you can control it via iPod/iPad/etc. Or from your PC.


I've heard of people using a Mac Mini--I suppose in conjunction with an additional hard-drive if necessary-- for their (digital) music library/main source. Also, I've wondered, "is a monitor required?" in this setup?


Is it possible to control that system with an iPod Touch, does anyone know?  (networking, even within one home, *still* confuses me)  I *guess* that one could control the Mini as well from a MacBookPro using Sharing ... (??)


Sorry, not sure that adds much to the discussion.

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Originally Posted by Benjamin6264 View Post

I am looking for a device to replace my laptop as the device that reads my music files.


I would like to be able to plug in an USB external hard drive on one end, then navigate through the files using a screen on the device, and play the music sending the digital signal to my DAC.


Portability would be a plus, but is not necessary.


Does something like that exist? Usually, I guess people use their computers for such things, but since my laptop is pretty mediocre and has  freezing/buffering issues, I would like to find an alternative.


Basically, I'm looking for a CD transport that, instead of reading CD's, reads USB hard drives, and possibly SD cards.


Does a device like that exist?


Benjamin, I have been in the same boat for a while and have done extensive research.


If you do not currently have an IOS device or an Android Jelly Bean device, I would suggest to invest in a faster laptop.


If you already have an IOS device (e.g., iPhone, iTocuh, iPad) or an Android Jelly Bean device (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S3), I would suggest to buy a NAS (e.g., Synology DS211j) and stream to said portable device. That Synology DS212j ($200) has been confirmed to worked as a media server (play flac) and can stream to IOS or Android.  I have a thread here that includes one real user experience:



I guess that Synology DS212j may have faster hard drive-reading speed and/or data transfer speed than your laptop (look at their web site for spec's). It has 2 SATA bays and 2 USB ports for external or internal hdd's (try to use SATA instead of USB2 for faster speed).


On the receiver end of the streaming audio, an IOS device can output digital signal through some docks (e.g., Pure i20) to external DAC/amp.  An Android Jelly Bean device (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S3) can output USB digital signal to some USB dac/amp:



Edit 1: You can stream from NAS to your current laptop too, if you want.


Edit 2: This thread reviews some streaming audio devices, but most are >$500 :



The Western Digital WD TV Live would work if your budget is less than $100, but it needs an external screen display and it should not be faster than your current laptop (in terms of reading a 1TB hard drive, expect 5-15 min for the 1st scan). I guess its data transfer speed would be slow as well (its cpu chip is not fast and kind of outdated). This thread has one real user experience:


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Or you could build your ow for $25.



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The DX100 may be able to run an external HD with a USB OTG cable. It's not exactly cheap though... but hey, you wouldn't really need your external DAC/AMP either ;)

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My regular TV has a USB port.  The TV is hooked into my Tuner/Receiver.  I think this would work with a fairly new TV.

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