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For Sale: Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad II

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For Sale:
Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad II

Will Ship To: UK

I am selling these vibro pads which i bought for my Adam A7x monitors. Since i sold the adams, i have no use of these pad anymore. These pads were used only for a week and are in as new condition. They retail for 35 GBP on digital village so my price is reasonable. Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications. Thanks

Product Description

The Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad II kit includes specially formulated anti-compression pads, designed to improve the accuracy of your nearfield monitors by isolating and de-coupling them from the surface they are resting on.

The Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad 2 kit includes 4 X 100mm pads with adjustable angled wedge adjusters which can be used to support other items such as a Laptop, Computer keyboard, mini speakers, CD players or other sensitive studio equipment that would benefit from isolation from your workstation surface, rack, speaker stands or shelving.

Each base pad includes it’s own pre-cut levelling wedge adjuster, which in standard position will provide a level surface. Alternatively the levelling wedge adjuster can be removed to provide either a 5 or 10 degree slope angled up or down, according to which way round the base pad is resting.

The material of the Vibro Pad 2 is a specially designed hardened 65 kg / m3 High Load Bearing (HLB) foam which is approx 3 times denser than its competitors and therefore will not demonstrate the symptoms of fatigue and compression usually reported within 3-6 months.

The Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad Version Two kit is exclusively designed and manufactured to the very highest professional standard in the UK.

Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad Kit II Features Include:

Colour: Dark Charcoal
4 X 100mm pads
Depth: 300mm
Hardened High Load Bearing (HLB) foam material

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Price drop to 20 GBP

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