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I require some tube assistance

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Since I don’t acquire any real tube knowledge; I figured it would be rational to ask for some assistance regarding the legitimacy of the tube in the provided pictures before I spend any money. It is supposed to be a Sylvania triple mica black plate square D getter (Gold branded, 5751). No production date is supplied since it isn’t longer visible.

I think it would pair well with a Mapletree amp, but is it what I suppose it to be?



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It looks legitimate to my eyes.  The printing on the tube is a good indication that it is authentic.


I would be more weary about them higher priced TFK or CCa tubes that are more desirable and sold as being genuine but are in fact, fake.

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Ok, thanks beerchug.gif

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I seems that I wasn’t quick enough to buy them :/ Ah well, scored some Sylvania JHS (Gold Branded) Gray Plates Triple Mica from the 60’s instead  ^^

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