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Many people agree that the HD201 is more comfortable than the 202 but personally I find the 202 very comfortable for at least 1 to 1.5 hours of continuous listening then my ears start to get warm somewhat but all reviews agree that the bass of HD202 is a lot better than the 201 that's why I bought them although I paid 48$ for them (due to the 30% customs in my country, "Egypt" +12$ Shipping) but I'm still happy with them and I think they deserve more than the 48$ I paid!!

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Love my HD202's!!! I remember picking up 5 pair for $89USD! That deal was probably about 10 years ago, through Musician’s Friend. I personally think that are better and more comfortable than the 201’s, which I have about 30 or so pairs of those for my students to use. I also really like the 203’s that are identical to the 202’s except the color of the headband and a slight difference in technical numbers. I do have to admit though I am a bit of Sennheiser junkie…(love my 280pro's and 380pro's, looking at the Momentums next!) Beats, any iteration of them, are over priced for what they give you. I would rather pay 1/10 of the price for Beats and get way more than 1/10 of the sound quality that I am looking for from a headphone. Also, the 201’s, 202’s, and 203’s are not intended to be high end by any means, they are entry level, and for the price there might be better but I like the sound that they provide.  



I remember when the Bose Triports (original ones TP-1) came out and they were originally priced for $150. There was a price drop later that made them a little better, as far as what they were actually worth with SQ. I was still in radio at the time and always using and trying all kinds of closed cans. A friend of mine purchased the aforementioned TP-1’s (original price) and was proud of the Bose label. In the studio I always used my Koss Pro 4AA but on the go, or when I was broadcasting from a mobile site, I used the HD202’s. The TP-1’s were intended to be used on the go with mobile players and such, which to an extent so are the HD202’s. He asked me to listen to the Bose and give them a quick overview. Without saying anything, I let him listen to my HD202’s. He was amazed and slightly upset that he paid over 6 times more than what I had and the SQ was nearly the same. 


What I am trying to say is that sometimes, you don’t always get what you pay for…Don't buy into the hype.

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You cannot compare the two headphones.


I suggest you try or buy (with return possibility) some AKG Tiesto, Beyerdynamic Custome One Pro or if you have a bit more money the  Beyerdynamic DT 770 32 Ohm. You can even customize the last two color wise.

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Originally Posted by TickleMeElmo View Post

Yes but being terrible for a given price (Beats) is different than being a terrible fullstop (iBuds). I think people should be conveying the former but often people get worked up and it becomes needless bashing in the form of the latter.


i will go on record and say Apple ear buds sound better than beats by dre urbeats or tour.

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From the many reviews I read, I think if someday I decide to try any other headphones other than the HD202 would be the Sony XB-500. Did anyone try them & compare them to the HD202 regarding bass and SQ??

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I have the xb500 but don't have hd202, xb500 is really bass heavy, sound quality is meh to me but they are cheap so whatever...
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i have the HD202. and personally i find that the HD202 is about 1 step better than the Solo. not better than the Studios though.
but note after eq tuning the HD202 it sounds significantly better than the studios. no veiled highs, solid bass that doesnt leak into mids, increased spaciousness of soundstage.
i have tried the XB500 before, the bass on the XB500 isnt that powerful (but still is quite powerful actually), yet still boomy.
overall i think both stock the XB500 sounds a little bit better, if you can stand the high bass content

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The xb500 is comfortable though, I will give it that. The headphone itself even looks comfy LOL, looks like 2 big cushions on your head
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I'll just leave this here...
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I mean, Sennheiser is for-sure a great name for high-end products, but I honestly see them as one step above the Beats and Monster brands. They are the second most ubiquitous headphone brand and Sennheiser cleverly markets themselves so people ask these questions or automatically assume they are better than beats because of the price. All in all, I would say price doesn't actually matter in the discussion of headphones. The Hifiman HE-400s are a great example of this. If the Orthodynamic technology was still just as expensive as before, they would be $800 as opposed to $400 and people would automatically assume them better. In the converse, I would say the price matters enough to tell the difference between the HD202 and the Beats headphones. 


I lost where I was going with this rant... so I'll just say: Nah, man. In this case, Beats are the better cans. HD202's are definitely of nice quality and sound for the price, but they really have nothing on the higher-model beats.

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Originally Posted by Hameem View Post

so if i ask what is the cheapest headphones sounds better than beats studio ? name 2

and also could any one do a list with top 10 headphones brands


Koss Portapro/Sportapro.

Koss UR40.

Sony MDR-V6/7506.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50.

Sony MDR-7520.

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Yo Sennheisers are super cool...Beats are super cool too...but Sennheisers HD 202 are studio headphones...they're designed for the studio work like mastering..editing and so forth..beats has too much bass in them..that's for people that want to have loud bass feel in their ears...but Sennheisers has it all..BASS AND TREBLE..IT IS THE WINNER TO ME.. [quote
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I don't know why people assume the beats model would be better than the 202's at all. The 202's are a perfectly pleasant set of headphones offering a warm tone, no friggin upper mid harshness (sony's do this and make electric rythm guitar sound like ass), and some nice treble for not a lot of money. They are basically the 201's but with a little more emphasis in the bass region. I tested them out once with Disturbed's Stricken, and just sat and listened. Almost walked out with them even though I had no need for headphones at the time, the listening experience was that decent.

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