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Headphones More Engaging Than The HD650s?

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Hello all, I've been a lurker on this forum a while now and I thought I'd finally create an account.


The question I pose for you all today is one I've been wondering for a long, long time. I'm looking for a pair of headphones more engaging and less laid back than the Sennheiser HD650s. I absolutely love my HD650s and my HE-400s for classical, but lately I've been getting annoyed at how the HD650s make some of my other tracks sound boring and dead.


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the HD650s, I think they're wonderfully clear and smooth with my Schiit Valhalla, but I'd like to know if there are any other headphones that will satisfy my craving for more passionate and engaging sound. 

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What's more engaging in your book?

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Denon D7000 maybe?
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I only use my HD650s when I'm just listening for this very reason, they have great balance and a really mature sound, but if you're doing something else they do not draw you in. When I'm on the computer or something I pull out the HF2s, so perhaps check out a Grado? Really, most things are more in-your-face than the HD650.

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I'm not sure about Grados, I've had a listen to a friend's sr325i and I thought they were too shrill for my liking. I haven't really heard any headphones that I thought would solve this problem, but then again that's why I thought to post this thread.


BTW, I currently own a Schiit Audio Valhalla and a HRT Music Streamer II, so preferably something that will go along with this stuff? I know this limits my choices a whole lot, but I'm still curious.

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Definitely... the PS500's, and PS1000's... even the RS-1's... and... AD2000's.  


Though, it's close in comparison to the latter... if... the HD650's are the "new version," "de-veiled," with a silver cable and driven by a well matched amp.  Then... they're hard to beat.

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The HD-598 was my upgrade. Even the HD-580 will do the trick. I prefer it over the HD-600/650 due to it's more forward upper mids and extra treble. Same driver too.

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Originally Posted by madbull View Post

Denon D7000 maybe?

+1. I really love Diana Kroll thru them

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