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[Review] Monster Nokia Purity HD (First Look)

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Since my Pioneer HDJ-500s broke I was in the market for some new portable on ears and so I decided to give the Monster Nokia Purity HDs a chance. I had the Beats Solo HDs before but I sold them because I really didnt like the way they sounded. These didnt have many reviews so I wasnt sure what to expect but I was hoping better than the Solos atleast. I took some pics and although im not a pro Audiophile, heres a mini review and a first Look:


Look and Feel:




First off I love the looks of these. The headband is kinda like the Solo HDs but the square cups make them look a little more retro. I chose white but they had a few other colors (Cyan, Black and some Redish pinky color) They match My White Galaxy S III Perfectly too! The construction is plasticly but they feel a little more solid than the Solo HDs. build quality is pretty similar though so nothing too great about that. The ear cushions are very soft and comfortabl. They feel very high quality (Much better than the Solo pads)






These come with 2 cords. one with Control talk, a mic and volume buttons and another with just a mic. The box says they work with any windows phone but I tried them with my Galaxy S III and they worked perfectly fine! the middle button pauses/plays/skips tracks and the Volume keys works perfect! I also like noodle type cords, they dont get tangled easily.





The Jack is L shaped which im sure most people would prefer, I know I do. just in case it wasnt clear before the Cords are of course removable.






I was hoping these would be the Monster Turbines of the on ears Monster has but this wasnt really the case. The sound signature is V or U shaped like you would expect from a Monster product so they are Bass favorable cans. The Bass isnt as over powering as the Solo HDs so the lows dont over take the mids/vocals as much but it wasnt as controlled  as I wanted them to be. Not much to say about the highs eather. they werent Harsh so as long as they didnt hurt my ears I was fine with them. (My ears are sensitive to over powering highs. I cant take the screech) I havent had much time to burn them in (5 hours maybe) so ill post again after a week or so of letting these break in.


Wrap up:


Well I bought these For looks and Portability and they do just fine (The control talk is a plus). The sound although better than The Solo HDs (I know I compared them to those alot) arent worth the 200$ msrp. I got a deal and Payed 125$ shipped from Amazon and unless you get a deal like I did, I cant recommend these. My Pioneer HDJ-500s definitely sounded better for a similar price range BUT they didnt look as sleek and sexy as these. If your gonna buy Solos though I would suggest getting these instead. They have a clearer sound and more controlled bass. If you have Any questions ill answer them the best I can in comments! Thanks!


P.S - This is my first review so How did I do? :D

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Not a bad review :D Was glad there was at least one review of these purities since there's hardly none of them :( but how are the headphones now after burn-in? do they sound much better?   

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I have had these for about six months. The build quality is nothing special at all... But the sound is really good although I have never had anything better. I think the mids could be better...but idk how to really review that. I have a Lumia 928 with the built in equalizer and I find myself lowering the mids EQ because they sound muffled when flat or boosted. But when I lower them the cans sound a lot better. Lows and highs are great. I got them for 60 and think they are definitely worth that and more. I think you can buy them used from secondipity for $40.
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