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For Sale: LCD 2 R2's

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
LCD 2 R2's

Will Ship To: CONUS

In for a penny In for a pound as they say.

I really hate to do this because I love these things but, like my other phones they are just not getting any use. These are in great condition, they've been babied and cleaned. There are no marks on them whatsoever and the wood is perfect.  The right driver was replaced shortly after I got them and if I remember it was in June of last year.


Included will be the standard travel case

Wood polish


Leather headband
original foam headband


I am selling this with  Q cable, 9 feet terminated with a 4 pin XLR.  Included with that will be the 3 pin XLR adapter, standard 1/4 inch adapter and an SR-71b adapter.


Asling $900.00 shipped CONUS for headphones and adapter.


I will consider selling the phones seperate from the cable but I do not have the stock cable on hand.

NOTE: For international buyers I will not intentionally underdeclare the value of items I sell on the customs decleration when shipping.

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If your asking price is $850, then why not put that price in the top of the listing where the box for the price is?  Instead, $1.00 is placed in there, making each person possibly interested in these have to open your thread to see the price.



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Hey Steve,


I'm out of private messages apparently... can you shoot me an email? ashwin.rayasam@gmail.com

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E-mail on the way
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