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X-FI HD vs Fiio E10 - Page 2

Poll Results: which is a better DAC for under $100?

  • 19% (4)
    Creative X-FI HD (USB)
  • 57% (12)
    Fiio E10
  • 23% (5)
21 Total Votes  
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I'll probably send the Fiio E10 back in the next few days, because the X-Fi HD seems to use my headphones better, but is not without some reservations. Whenever I've used one of the devices for a longer while, going to the other one always results in a refreshing sound experience. It's like they both use completely different approaches. The X-Fi uses the whole membrane-surface and to a significant degree the backgrounds resulting in a very earthy, relatively balanced sound, whereas the Fiio E10 uses only the middle membrane, but to a more powerful degree, resulting in great clarity in some midranges. I'm currently leaning towards the X-Fi because I'm less often reminded of its limitations, which seem to be always present with all the qualities of the E10. But if the E10 is any indicator of a better use of midranges, I'll be tempted to take the E17 although that was initially much too expensive for me.



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What is the output impedance exactly ? Is it available somewhere, or did you measure it ?


If you do not hear any noise on the X-Fi HD, how do you know it is noisier than the E10 ? Is it based on the specs or measurements ?


50 Ohm of Sennheiser HD 595. Noise is probably the wrong term, I just tried to describe clarity and differentiation accuracy in a certain way. I've found it called "muddy" and that gives a better idea, though it is not all that bad.

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Originally Posted by Phelix View Post
50 Ohm of Sennheiser HD 595.


I did not mean the impedance of the HD595 (I already know that), but the output impedance of the X-Fi HD.

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Well, but I didn't ask THAT. Ok. I just know there's no problem there. My last Google research brought up 16-150 Ohms. The package says 33.

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