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Best headset under $150?

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Was just kind of browsing around the forums.  Saw a lot of headphones, nothing really about headsets.  I'm looking for a headset that will deliver some great sounding bass as well as being able to hear people clearly (and they can hear me clearly).  I'm currently using the Razer Carcharias, which I was fortunate enough to win in a Mt Dew contest a few years ago.  I like the headset, but the wires have become ridiculously tangled and beaten, I'm starting to get some complaints of the mic creating some sort of feedback noise over Skype (I haven't heard it myself), and overall I think it's just time for a new one.


Here are a few things I'm looking for, in order of most important to least important:


-Sound quality with **GOOD BASS** (I enjoy blasting electronic music)

-If wireless, good battery life!  (I am sometimes on skype for 8hr at a time.  I don't mind plugging it in to charge while I'm using it every now and then, but if I had to do that every 2 hours or so, why not just go for a wired headset?)

-Wireless (I walk around my room with my headset on, wires are a pain)

-I'd prefer a 3.5mm connector over USB, but I'm not really against USB in anyway, just a preference.

-Snug fit (my current headset feels "loose" almost)

-Cost.  Looking to spend under $150, preferably closer to $100, although I would be willing to go as high as $200 if you promise it'll be worth it. beyersmile.png


Any suggestions at all would be great.  I've been looking at a couple Trittons and I really love the look of the Astros.  I've also looked into the Logitech G930 (I don't like that there are so many reviews about the durability or quality lacking after only 6 months) and the Corsair Vengeance 2000s.  Some of the Razer headsets look really nice as well.  I figure you audiophiles would know much better than me which are worth the money and which are not.  




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Better off getting audiophile headphones and adding a mic to it imo. The Audio Technica AD700s are very popular for gaming because of their huge soundstage and able to use them unamped...but they don't really have much bass. I love gaming on my DT990s, great soundstage too and excellent bass and clarity...but you need an amp. Could consider the Audio Technica M50s if you want a bassier sound, but you'll sacrifice soundstage and clarity. 


For a mic, I use a Labtec LVA-7331 that has a headband to go around your headphone's. Zalman makes a pretty popular mic that clips onto your headphone's cord.

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For a mic, I use a Labtec LVA-7331 that has a headband to go around your headphone's.

Just randomly clicked on this post, and found the mic that's perfect for me.

Thanks a lot dude

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I concur with Deathwish238 : SQ/$$ stay with wired, stereo cans and for gaming perhaps a X-Fi Titanium HD?

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I'd recommend the Sennheiser HD555 for that price (together with a simple mic). Although you might prefer a closed pair of headphones for gaming. I surely didn't.

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