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Best headphones for 100$?

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I bought the hd439 and they really just get my ears way to hot I do not want to part from them, but I really don't want to have to walk around with my ears felling like they are sitting in pits of lava. Im looking for a good looking, good sounding can over or on ear would be best. There is really nothing I don't listen to but I like some good bass in my cans. Please help!

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To consider:


Creative Aurvana Live! - within budget


 Ultrasone HFI-580 - stretch


Shure SRH840 - stretch


Brainwavz HM5 ($140) - this one if you can get their clones like Lindy / Jaycars are really really worth it for the money i think $50 or so:)

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I'm in the middle of making this decision.  My decision has mainly come down to:


Philips Citiscape Downtown ($70) vs Sony MDR-ZX700 ($80) vs Creative Aurvana Live! ($100) (all prices from Amazon)


Of course, I haven't tried any of these - they were just my conclusions from my research.  You can read the thread that I started on this subject here if you want more advice:



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