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FLAC files and improving audio quality

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I just ordered a pair of new ATH M50's and I am looking to try and redo my music collection to provide the best audio quality. I have heard that you can rip cd's into FLAC format and that will provide much better audio quality than mp3s, my question is: How much better would a FLAC file ripped from a cd be, compared to a 320kbps mp3 file? Also, I have a Mid 2012 Macbook Pro and was wondering if I should use an amp or some sort of usb device to provide better sound quality or will my macbook audio port be good for beginning? 

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Welcome to Head-Fi!


The FLAC won't make much of a difference unless you have high quality gear decoding your audio files, and a very resolving amplifier and headphone.


This topic has come up numerous times in the past. You may want to try searching before you post next time.




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320 MP3s are pretty good. They're transparent to my ears. I'm running my audio through a Headroom Total Bithead and Shure SRH840s. My library is mainly V0 MP3, and ALAC. You'd be fine with high bitrate MP3 files. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start ripping new music in lossless though. Slowly re-rip your current catalog if you want to, but I don't think it's very critical.


ATH-M50s are a great choice. They are very efficient, and you'll definitely be fine without an amp if you're just starting out. Happy listening!

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I agree with starting by ripping *new* music as FLAC. There is a lot of debate over whether FLAC is dramatically better than 320kbps (I think it is) but the clincher is how good your equipment is (mine is not too good :p).
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get 24 bit dac before listening to any FLAC files.

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Originally Posted by crossjeremiah View Post

get 24 bit dac before listening to any FLAC files.

Why do you say that?  The OP is ripping from CDs and was looking for a USB device, and both those factors would limit him to 16 bit anyways. 

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