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Looking for headphone advice (WA2)

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I own the WA2, utilizing the 7236 power tubes. Presently, I have been using Denon d2000s for listening. I primarily listen to metal (everything from death to thrash to black and so on).


I've been perusing the forums looking for advice on upgrading my phones. From what I've read, several posters have stated that either the Hifiman HE-500 or Auduze LCD-2 might pair well with the WA2. Other posters have disagreed and a recent email response from Woo Audio stated


"The impedance of these headphones is technically compatible to the WA2. However, they are rated 89dB and 91dB which are low sensitive. They require a higher power amp to power them at their full potential."


I'd like to keep my budget in the $700 to $1000 range. Any advice, particularly those based on personal experience, would be welcome.

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A bump and an addition:


I also sent an amail to HifiMan regarding using the WA2 with the HE-500 and their reply was that it was compatible.


As the Senn Hd-700 and Grado models are in the same price range, any thoughts regarding those headphones would be appreciated as well.

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The T1 is regarded a stellar match with the WA2.  I had it for a brief period but sold the T1 because I found it too much on the bright side. The HD650 is also regarded a safe bet. I have used it with LCD-2 rev.1 and LCD-3 with success.  Especially the LCD-3 is fabolous with the WA2. I have also used it with the HE500, and it works fine. I prefer the HE500 on my darker and warmer sounding Cary, though. I like unbright and warm sound :) Also  - the Fostex T50RP sounds very good on the WA2. The Fostex is a dear object of modification, and some claim to reach LCD2-sound-quality after finished modding. 

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