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For Sale: Ray Samuels Apache, silver

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Ray Samuels Apache, silver

Will Ship To: CONUS

If you were watching ths waiting for the price to drop, please read.

It's not dropping, it's going up to match the ad on Audiogon with the only difference being for Headfiers i will pay the shipping fee in CONUS.

Because I have had to drop the price on other items I can no longer afford to sell it at the earlier listed price and get the pre amp I wanted. If it doesn't sell, I will keep it and use it as a pre.

It is in fantastic condition, just as I bought it a while back. It will be boxed back in original boxes with the spikes.

This is Serial number 0020. This is the thread I bought it off. http://www.head-fi.org/t/579878/rsa-apache-rev-c-final-price-drop#post_7936328.

Price is 1800.00 shipped CONUS plus paypal fees.

NOTE: For international buyers I will not intentionally underdeclare the value of items I sell on the customs declaration when shipping.

PM if interested
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Nice amp - hope it finds a good home!

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Price drop.
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Bumped. No offers on this it's going to Audiogon

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Hard to believe I've had as little interest in this.

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There are some of you out there who are going to hate themselves forever for not taking this when you had the chance.

Don't be a hater
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If you have been following this, please re-read the top post.

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