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Noise Reduction Headphones

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Hello all, hopefully someone can help me with my predicament.

I am looking for specific noise cancellation headphones for my farther, but unfortunately i can't seem to find suitable ones. 

He works away and has to travel in a c-17 globemaster which i believe inside is about 86 dB and i'm guessing it is quite a wide wave spectrum as well (i really don't know much about sound) so that's the environment. any help would be much appreciated.


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For noise canceling, I would recommend the Bose QC15 and these Sony noise canceling headphones:
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Hi, I have a pair of Sennheiser PXC 450. No, I didn't pay full price for them, and I'd suggest that you shouldn't. As a headphone for listening to music, they are...   not bad. Actually, they're pretty good, but not for full price.

The noise reduction is pretty good for low frequencies. I haven't used up a whole battery in one go, but I hear that it doesn't really last that long. I fly weekly, which is why I got these. They are also a circumaural design.

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Solves isolation and sound quality

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Thanks for the replies but am unsure if the Bose QC15 and the Sennheiser PXC 450 will do the trick as the Bose noise reduction is only 17.5 dB, again the PXC 450 reduces up to 23 dB. obviously the headphone cups will reduce noise as well.

The Ultraphone reduces noise by up to 29dB that sort of thing i reckon would be better because your not blasting counter waves into your ears as well... hmm i'm probably looking for something that don't exist...

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The best thing you can do in a high noise environment is to get a small well sealing iem and wear muffs on top (possibly ANC muffs if you really need to).

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You can get some Etymotic IEMs with great isolation then put some low profile shooting muffs like the Howard Leight LOFs over them for an extre ~20 db of reduction.

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Thanks again for the replies, i've had a talk with dad and i think he is going to go for the ear defender and earphone combo like the Etymotic IEMs. thanks for your advice guys, much appreciated. 

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Congratulations. I hope he likes them.

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