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Best closed over the ear headphones?

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I´m looking for a great pair of headphones to do some mixing and producing work on the road.


They need to be closed, over the ear.



- Comfort great, will work for many hours straight

- Non-ear fatiquing sound, flat sound, maybe even a bit laidback like HD650, but more detailed and clearer

- Needs to isolate lot of outside noise


Few that crossed my path:

Beyerdynamic T70

Beyerdynamic T5p


Any opinions on those?


Please give me some other suggestions!

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Add AH-D600 to your list

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Some good cans by Denon AH-#### line

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+1 for Sennheiser Amperiors - supra but they do a good job :)

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T5p's sound fantastic, theres a lot that can be searched about them. I would rate them as neutral to slightly lighter on the bass than real life (judged upon classical, symphony/concerto type stuff), clarity, feeling of space, and separation are superb. 


ultrasone sig pro: they are bassier than the t5p's, I would rate them slightly heavier on the bass than real life. the clarity, separation, feeling of space aren't as good. But they sound warmer and more pleasant, I wouldn't necessarily say they are more accurate though. 


as far as isolation goes, they're both pretty good. I think the sig pro's might isolate a tiny bit better, because of the higher clamping force. The t5p's are significantly more comfortable, but that said, the sig pro's aren't uncomfortable (unless you have large-ish ears, then I can see that your ear will likely rub against the cloth covering the driver.)


the sig pro's are smaller by a good bit, and foldable which makes them a lot more portable if thats an issue.



overall i think the t5p's are a slightly higher quality headphone, but it depends what you're looking for. 

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