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How many headphones do you have now?

Poll Results: How many headphones do you have - or the highest number of HFs you've ever owned (include buds, iem, headphones)

  • 41% (22)
    1 - 3 headphones I am loyal to my faithful cans... and my wallent isn't even jealeous
  • 37% (20)
    4 - 9 headphones I even have dedicated stands for them for conveniences while giving the HF some swaggar.
  • 20% (11)
    more than 10. But I least I don't spent money at fancy restauratssetup and operating meth labs to support the scavings.
53 Total Votes  
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These things are like potato chips "I bet you can't just have one!"   It's apparent that many here collect, buy, sell, trade many headphones, I began being curious about many each of your have  ----- at a given time point... like now.  We might also be interested in designing a poll that aggregates the number

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i got 3--- one for bass, one for midrange, one for treble

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4.... Much like Dyaems actually.  My 4th was a prize from a contest. 

Ultrasone for bassy music and general electronica

HD598 for general music

SR60i for metal and trebly stuff


Amperiors for portable use I guess. 

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Before I started purging the collection, I had 10 or 11, I only used like 2 of them continuously, so I sold everything else, and have recently started selectively trying out new models. I do not want to go back to 10 or 11.

The list was:

AKG K701
Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9
Koss ESP/950, ESP/10, KPH7
Sony MDR-SA5000, MDR-F1, MDR-EX082
Denon AH-C751
Kenwood KH-K1000
Sennheiser HD 580

And then intermittently I had both Bose around-ear sets, both Ultrasone open models, and another pair of Koss cans on-hand (but have not had 15 at once).

And I called it: wire madness!

From that, only the ESPs, IEMs, and F1s remain. I feel weird selling the IEMs because I've used them (it seems unhygienic - not that I'm unhygienic, but I feel weird selling something like that, just like I'd feel weird selling a comb, pillow, or hat), and they need new tips anyways.
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I have 6 pr but only use two or three often. They are mostly for different environments. Home use is the K701, RS-1 and HE-6. For work I use the Ety 4s and ATH-EW-9.
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I have 3 that I call my own, but it could be 8 if you count the ones I share with my sons. 

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I have three:


Sony MDR-CD900ST's for serious music listening.

Sony MDR-7509's for movies, games, and casual listening.

Sony MDR-ZX700's for when I need isolation, or need something portable.

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I've got:


Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 428

Audio Technica ATH M50


I've been looking into getting a pair of Grados, just to try out, but I'm torn between them, or a new amp for my HD 600's. 

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Grado 225 but will be traded soon

Denon D2000

Fischer audio FA004

Koss DJ100 pro

HD25-1 II


The goal is to keep 1 portable closed, 1 closed (D2000) & 1 open (DT880 or something else with wide soundstage)


+IEM Ety HF5

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I voted 3 and those three happen to be kiddie headphones. Skullcandy Hesh 2 (yes, I know :P), sennheiser RS-170, and turtle beach DX12. BUT!! I'm sort of getting started with actual quality headphones (Sony MDR-V6 will be delivered to my doorstep this Monday!). Should be interesting.
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3 Sennheiser HD439, and Skullcandy Skullcrushers (< these make me sad that I didn't know about head-fi a year ago), Turtle Beach X11

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you should add in a 30 + section and see how many hits you get.

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