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Crossfade certainly gets points for style which the OP is looking for. Bass has a nice, fairly tight kick. The durability of the headphones is a huge plus as well. Isolation is quite good. I'd second this recommendation so long as your head isn't on the big side. 

Just a warning: If you have a large noggin, the Crossfade is not the most accommodating headphone. It only expands so far, which can lead to significant discomfort.

EDIT: See a lot of recommendations for the M50. Seeing as OP is looking for a bass kick, I would recommend staying away from them. Not that the headphones don't have bass, but it's definitely not the exaggerated amount I think you'd enjoy OP. Good headphones, but a bit heavy to be taking everywhere for you and the pleather gets really hot under the sun.
Yeah i was actually thinking about v-moda m80 or m100 but do you have any info of the sol republics and do you know when the new akg tiesto come out?