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^ Check your local hardware store, the plumbing section should carry them. Forgot the exact size of the rings but the one i got from my local hardware store is thinner and fits better than the ones people linked from ebay.


As long as the rubber rings wraps tight around the cups it should be fine.


Ok great will do tomorrow and see how it goes! 







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^ yeppp sure thing, it might help to bring your cans there to see if it fits. ;)

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Guys, which color is better? What I need - durability. Is there any problems with Black version? 

Also, which one is better : Sony MDR ZX 600 or S500?

Thank you!

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The Gunmetal seems to have the least problem with chipping.

I have never heard those Sony's so I can't say.
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As I understand you, Gunmetal is better to buy?

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Originally Posted by AngryRussianKid View Post

As I understand you, Gunmetal is better to buy?
The Black versions paint has chipped off for some owners, but I have not seen any reports of the Gunmetal colour doing this.

It's up to you which colour you like better.
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Selling my S500 with WS55 pads in the classified forum and the popular auction site.

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The gunmetal has chipped a little on mine but not near as noticeable as on my friends black ones.
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Additional thoughts and criticisms;

JVC HA-S500.

They have no soundstage, a mid-fi lower mid and upper bass hump, and they are unfocused. Instruments have a unique and bad quality. All sound as if you are inside the instrument, but the soundstage of each one is a huge blob in a general direction. So when you focus on an instrument it is 'somewhere over there' but what you hear sounds like you are inside the guitar, or kick drum, etc.

That said, for a portable that you don't think about they are very good. Deep sub-bass, comfortable, they fold up, the tonal accuracy of each instrument is excellent, and they make all music sound good within their limitations.

Just don't compare them to anything like a SuperLux, TakStar or better.
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I don't think any of us who own and love them would claim they are "audiophile", "neutral", "reference" headphones.....they're just a whole lotta FUN. :L3000: 

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Originally Posted by Achmedisdead View Post

I don't think any of us who own and love them would claim they are "audiophile", "neutral", "reference" headphones.....they're just a whole lotta FUN. L3000.gif  
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hey guys, curious about the isolation/noise leak of the ha-s500s. i already have mid-fi iems (a161ps) for on-the-go use and mid-fi full-size open headphones (hd558s) for home use, and i'm pleased with both, so i'm envisioning the ha-s500s as an alternative to my iems in portable situations when i feel like having headphones or a more bass-heavy sound. however, i'm a college student who generally has to avoid sound leakage when out and about in libraries and lounges, so if the ha-s500s leak sound, that might be a deal breaker. thanks for your help!

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There is no sound leakage with these, I use them out in public all the time at a moderately loud level. When I put them on my neck with the cups facing in they are still quiet, so you are good to go.
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awesome, thanks!
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Do the headphones look right in this site?


These have caught my interest, are there any cons about them I should know?

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