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Anyone familiar with the Philips SHS8105A/28??

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My apologies for starting multiple threads. I never do so and only did this time because I haven't received many replies in my initial thread and haven't heard from anyone that owns or has heard the Philips SHS8105A/28. My understanding is that Philips has some well regarded IEM's in the same price range so I'm wondering how these IEM's are since I'm looking for a pair to use while running using my Android Phone as the source. I do this because I can have the music player as well as a running app to track my runs. I'm looking for a set that has inline controls to adjust volume and change tracks while running and I see this set has an Android app for editing the inline controls functions as well as the sound output. Can anyone please tell me anything about these IEM's. I've yet to find a professional review of them and would love to hear what anyone hear thinks of them. My apologies again and thanks for the input.

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Just looked it up...




Looks good, and the app too.




Give it a shot, and let us know.


Thanks, Jim

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I received my order and have some input. I tried the 3 different size tips that they come with and found the sound severely lacking in the low end especially compared to my Skullcandy Inkd iem's. The mids and highs were very good and certainly better than the skullcandys but the lack of any presence of bass makes the sound unbearable for me. To make matters worse I had hoped that the android app would allow me to control the volume as the description says it does, however my phone, a T-Mobile G2, is apparently not fully compatible and is unable to control the volume as a result.


What's more disappointing is that after contacting Philips to inquire if this is a known issue and/or if an app update was planned I was only told that my phone was not compatible and they would take my comments and forward them . From what I see they are only listing a total of 9 Android phones that are compatible and have full functionality, excluding many recent and not so distant popular phones. To advertise this set as " Made for Android" and have it only fully function with 9 phones is not acceptable in my book. 


The set felt comfortable in my ear and the ear hook was comfortable and felt like it would hold well during exercise. I tried switching the tips from my Skullcandy iem's to see if the lack of bass was an issue with getting a proper seal and there was no change. So now after trying to return them, I'll be contacting MEElectronics to see to what extent the M6P-BK iem's  are compatible with my phone. From the reviews I've read here and elsewhere I'm hoping they'll also have better sound quality.

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